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Must I Go to Campus to Register Post UTME/DE?

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When it's time to register for a university's, polytechnic's, or college of education's post UTME or screening, candidates want to know if they can do the registrations at nearby cafes or they must go to the school premises/campuses.

This was what I meant...

You, of course, registered JAMB UTME at a CBT center or the nearest JAMB office. And that was done correctly because you did it where the board had instructed you to.

Remember then, they told you not to patronize cafes for JAMB UTME or Direct Entry (DE) registration. That was true but gone. It's time for the post UTME/DE. Where should you apply?

Can you apply at a cafe for the post UTME/DE? Or you must use the service of a CBT center or JAMB office for this too? Or you must be on the school's campus, its ICT, or cafe within the premises to register the post UTME/DE?

This post will guide you on this - what is possible and what is not. It'll also clear your mind of any misunderstanding or misinformation.

You Can Register Post-UTME/DE or Screening at a Cafe Nearby

All cafes within your immediate reach are officially and legally allowed to register you for a school's post-UTME/DE and screenings. These cafes are not limited in any way when it comes to registering candidates for the post UTME/screening exercises.

In fact, it's a waste of time and money trying to go to your proposed institution's campus to register for the post UTME/DE/screening. 

And if you should choose to go to the school, those shops or business centers that will attend to you are more likely/equally cafes situating on campus. Nothing makes them different from the one within your town.

And if you think they were allowed to register candidates for JAMB, you're wrong. Only school ICTs with JAMB approval were allowed to register candidates for UTME and DE back then. Don't confuse a school ICT for cafes within a school.

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My Preference For Local Cafes Over Campus Cafes For Post UTME/DE Registrations

I personally recommend cafes in your town for you if you must register for your post-UTME/DE. Of course, cafes on the campus can do the same registration well. However, using the local cafes won't only save you money and risk of traveling, these cafes around you:

  1. will be a regular go-tos when you have any issues during your admission processes
  2. will be there to possibly call or message if there is any urgent updates for you regards the registration and/or admissions
  3. will be sure to be careful with your registrations to avoid mistakes because they know your parents can just intervene if things go wrong
  4. will be financially considerate because they understand the economic situation of your locality
  5. will give you longer attention and playtime if you visit them for any inquiries
  6. will love to monitor your admission to the end so they can be proud of your success eventually

Using a School ICT Instead of Local and Campus Cafes

I've earlier established that there was a difference between cafes on campus and the school-owned ICT.

In case you just want to be on campus and you seem to trust registering at a school's ICT, you should note the following.

Most ICTs won't entertain post-UTME/screening registrations. They already have more than enough registrations which could be JAMB registration, regularization, correction of JAMB data, corrections of issues with new students registrations, and solving several problems for those candidates already in 100 to 400 level. Why will they dedicate time to other registrations that can be handle at your local or campus cafes without special approval?

This doesn't mean some of these ICTs won't do it, but it's not that common. Unless you're sure your proposed school's ICT is registering post-UTME/DE, the time and efforts are not worth it.


You can save yourself some headaches if you just stay at home and complete your post UTME registrations at a cafe nearby. It'll help more, as already covered in this post, to use the services of people you're used to or that will be there, for you, every day and night.

Best of luck!

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