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JAMB: Why You May Not Print UTME Results Online

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This text discusses JAMB's decision to prevent students from printing their results online, citing issues with SIM cards, network problems, and transparency concerns in the admission process, while urging affected students to remain hopeful for a potential reversal of the policy through collective action and advocacy efforts.

Usually, JAMB allows students to check and print their results directly from their portals' dashboards. That was the custom for several years. Candidates could just pay on the board's portal, check their UTME scores, and download, and print the original result slip. They could do this themselves or with the help of cafes or CBT centers.

However, starting from the 2024 admission year, it appears the board is stopping students from using its online platform to print UTME results henceforth. In its earlier release through its official X handle, the board stated that candidates wouldn't be printing their results online as they used to.
JAMB denied the candidate access to print results even after paying
However, candidates waited patiently to see such a policy reversed. After all, the board should be aware that most candidates might have lost their SIMs used for the JAMB registration, which they could have used to check the results using the USSD code.

As of the time of this report, the board insists on not allowing candidates to check and print their UTME results using their official JAMB portal.

The Problems

Although JAMB has warned aspirants to be careful with using other people's SIMs to register for JAMB, insisting they must use their own SIMs, most students, out of lack of awareness or difficulty in using their own SIMs to generate the profile code, still used others' SIMs. What's the fate of these candidates as they might not have access to such SIMs again?

Some students used their own SIMs. However, they lost the lines and could not even retrieve them due to some inadequacies in the registration process for the line. 
Couldn't retrieve a lost SIM
Some used their old JAMB profile codes for this year's registration while they have long lost the SIMs and could not retrieve them.

Some have the SIMs used for the JAMB profile code and UTME registration. However, due to network provider issues or SIM issues, they can't send or receive SMS with their SIMs, thereby being unable to get their results through the available method of using the USSD code.

Apparently, the possibilities are endless as many students have turned to several official channels to cry out to the board for help and access to check and see their results directly from the JAMB portal.

No Official Reason Yet

With the look of things, if the board won't allow candidates to see their results on the portal this year other than through the SMS method, this might extend to other years to come. However, the board has not released any official statement regarding this limitation.

From a humanitarian and economic point of view, why would JAMB limit students to using USSD to check results, with millions of these students wasting thousands of naira due to network issues and wrong processing methods? 
JAMB insists on using the USSD method
Why will JAMB not allow candidates to have access to their results on their portals when many other activities will be done using the same platforms?

Apart from the early access to the results by candidates through USSD, the printouts of these results are usually and generally requested by proposed universities, polytechnics, and colleges during the post-UTME/screening exercises or at last when candidates are eventually offered admission. So, where will they turn when the time comes for these activities?

Even if the board announces to the prospective institutions not to request original result slips, probably by agreeing to send the results to the institutions directly, how will students have the flexibility to process admissions to different institutions at once or if one denies them admission, how will they process another one if their information was only sent to the former school?
With this, they're cooking alternative ways schools will access results
Even if it's seamlessly achieved, we should expect less transparency in the admission process this year and after.

JAMB results are not only for admission, most community leaders, NGOs, and private firms lately award scholarships to aspirants and the less privileged using their UTME results. With only the USSD option available, will these bodies trust message-based results in awarding such opportunities to the contending applicants?

The Hope

In the analogy of a person who says he will delay another person, he will not also leave the same spot. If JAMB insists on not allowing students to see their results online, it means the board should be ready for a flock of complaints from all angles.

In fact, it's high time parents, not individually but in their hundreds, would come out and fight these undesirable policies of the latest JAMB administration. Other stakeholders will join the cause if it's given the intensified publication it deserves.

So, affected students shouldn't lose hope, at least not yet. It's not the first time JAMB will reverse its policies, even the Ministry of Education after being forcefully countered by stakeholders including the Senate and House of Representatives.

Just stay tuned and follow updates in the news and the board's official channels to know when this restriction is eventually lifted, and hopefully, it will be.

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