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JAMB Doesn't Send OTP, What to Do

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JAMB launched the use of OTP for activities such as change of institutions and courses on her platform starting from the 2020 admission year. Candidates who require any form of change of data will make a payment of N2,500 excluding the Remita charges and get One Time Password (OTP) complete the registration. This OTP will arrive on the candidates' phones as SMS almost immediately after successful payments.

The OTP Message sample is below.

Dear OLANREWAJU S. O. your 2020 UTME/DE Data Correction payment made on Sep 07, 2020 is received. Your OTP is 6AX45X1

However, very many applicants could not receive their OTPs after payment. What could be the reason? What to do in this situation? Are there any other means to get JAMB OTP?

This post will be your best guide to getting your JAMB change of data OTP after payment was successfully made. But first, let's get some things off the road.

1. Check If the Payment Was truly Successful

You might have NOT got the OTP if your payment was not successful or you're wrongly debited by the bank. To confirm your payment status, log in to your JAMB profile. On your dashboard, locate "My Payments". Click on this and see the list of your payments. The most recent one could be the payment for the change of data. Check right under "Action" to see if the payment displayed "Get Status" or "Print Receipt".

If it shows "Print Receipt", it means the payment was successful. If it shows "Get Status", it may mean the payment has not been processed. Click that and see if the next page shows "Payment mad Successfully". If it Shows "Payment Pending", it means the payment wasn't successful. Hence, you have to continue here to complete the payment.

At this "payment Pending Stage", if your account has been debited, kindly send a complaint message to Remita (23416367000or [email protected]) or contact your bank immediately. 

2. Be sure you have your JAMB Phone Number on Your Phone

You may not get JAMB OTP for the change of data if your JAMB phone line is not active. Be sure it's the same line used for JAMB you have on your phone. This is the number JAMB would send SMS to. If you're not sure what line you used, check your JAMB registration or exams slip to see the number.

In case those are not available, login to your profile and click on your profile icon. Click on "My Profile" to get your phone number.

3. Be Sure Mobile Network is Available

Similar to the situation above is network availability. Even when you have the JAMB number active on your phone, the mobile network may not be favorable. I will advise you to restart your phone to see if things will change or change the location for better reception.

How to Get OTP If JAMB Doesn't Send After the Payment

Under normal circumstances, after the payment, you should automatically get the SMS containing the OTP. If otherwise, you're to put the steps above to action. And with all these, nothing works. What do you do?

JAMB allows you to process this OTP 5 times for now (which may increase in the future). Hence, if you don't get it the first time, you can request it again without another payment.


  1. Login to your Profile
  2. By the left side of your dashboard, locate Registration (Pick your year e.g 2020)
  3. This will expand for payment links, choose the one you made e.g 2020 UTME change of Data Correction.
  4. Select the right option on the next page and click on "Continue with the Correction"
  5. On the next page, you will see a link to Resend OTP.
  6. Note that you can process the resend 5 times and you should leave at least 5 minutes interval between each attempt if the previous doesn't work.
  7. However, be sure you give it enough time like a few hours. If you try during the day without success, try it the next morning.

Note if you burn your 5 times, you may not be able to get the OTP again. So be warned!

Best of luck!

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  1. after geting the OTP what next

    1. You'll proceed to the nearest accredited CBT centre to effect the changes paid for.

  2. How do I get my OTP Code since I lost the phone number I used for jamb

    1. You must do the welcome back for the SIM you lost before expecting the code

  3. If the otp shows exhausted and I haven't seen it

    1. Book an appointment with JAMB and visit the nearest office for help. Read how to do that through the link below.

      You can also raise a support ticket to seek help for JAMB head office. Read how to do that through the link below.

  4. Can I get an otp via email cause I lost the sim I use to register for jamb and I can't get a welcome back cause the sim registration info doesn't tally with mine

    1. Can we visit the jamb office maybe there could be a solution to the case of not being able to receive the otp on email

  5. The number i used in getting the registration number is different to the one i filled in the form. How im i going to sort myself out sir?

    1. You can use a new number for your post UTME if lost the one used for JAMB. However, if you must do any changes on the JAMB portal, you need the old number. Hence, you should do welcome back if that is necessary.


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