Do This If JAMB Rejected Change of Date of Birth (DOB) -

Do This If JAMB Rejected Change of Date of Birth (DOB)

I've once let you know what to do if there is a mistake in your date of birth in JAMB. I've equally told you where to go if you've you mistake in your date of birth. However, some students followed that but their applications were rejected by the admission and matriculation board.

So, what to do now?

First, let's understand why the application for correction of date of birth in JAMB might have been rejected. With that, we'll have clues on what we can do about it.

JAMB Rejects Application For Date Of Birth Because...

JAMB really wants to allow you to change the date of birth if there is a need to do that. If the board won't want that, why will they open their platform for the application in the first place? However, the board will reject it for some reasons.

One major reason was if you applied wrongly. It won't matter if you did the change at the JAMB office by a JAMB official, the board will turn the application down if some things are not done right. What's important is doing things rightly.

How do you do things rightly?

Normally, before going to the JAMB office, you ought to first visit the nearest National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) office e.g. the one in your local government of residence or any main NIMC office. Apply for the change of date of birth and get a new enrolment slip indicating that they've successfully changed the date of birth on your National ID card (NIN).

After that, wait a few weeks (three weeks should be okay). Then, return to the NIMC office to reconfirm if the date of birth is now reflecting in its official/headquarters database. If No, you still have to wait until it does. If yes, you can then proceed to the JAMB office for the correction of the date of birth.

Here is the question! Did you do just as explained above before you applied for the change of DOB at the JAMB office? If JAMB rejected the correction of your date of birth, chances are you didn't follow exact steps above.

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But I Did Exactly As Detailed Above

In most cases, some candidates changed the dates of birth with NIMC but didn't wait enough time or confirm if it has reflected in the headquarters' database of the commission before they went to the JAMB office for the correction.

At the JAMB office, after the application, the board (at JAMB Abuja headquarters) will confirm if the same correction has reflected in NIMC's database before they could approve the correction.

If they found out that it's yet to reflect in the commission's database, even though you'd corrected it with the commission, they'll still reject the application.

For reference, I've seen a student who applied for this but rushed to the JAMB office to make the change before it reflected in the NIMC's database.

He got a disapproval message and was disappointed. But a few days later he told me the names were later changed on the JAMB profile, without a new application, just automatically.

What happened?

The best explanation was JAMB rejected it because they could not find the correction with NIMC before sending the disapproval message. But somehow, later, they got it approved because they later got it with NIMC.

Not every applicant will be lucky like this guy. You will just do well allowing things to work normally by not rushing yourself. Give it time to reflect before applying at the JAMB office.

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Disapproved Because You Rushed, What to Do Now?

Of course, you will reapply. First, be sure you've allowed enough time for the change to reflect in NIMC's database. As already said, about three weeks should be ok.

If it's already three weeks, you can return to the JAMB office and reapply. If you're still not satisfied with the three weeks, you can check up with your NIMC office or any branch first, and confirm it's reflected before going back to the JAMB office.

All things being equal if you reapply now, the second time, it should be approved. This is because in most cases, the only thing that stops the board from approving the correction of date of birth is if it can't confirm the change made with the commission or the change was not made with the commission in the first place.

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You don't have to doubt reapplying if your first submission was disapproved. Once you do the right things and you do it right, you should visit the JAMB office again and reapply. They won't stop you from applying multiple times.

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  1. I did exactly everything you said clearly i went to two different Nimc center to confirm if the change has been approved and they showed me in the screen that it has been approved but jamb still rejected my correction of names

    1. Because you were changing a name entirely instead of correcting a spelling(addition of letters or removal of letters)

    2. So it cant be changed is that what it means

  2. Please Concerning jamb data correction on your website, I did mine 2017 then and I have forgotten the whole process sef but now checking my documents again, I wanted to confirm if I'm safe. the corrected dob is showing on my jamb profile on jamb website and I tried reprinting my result and its still showing the old dob but the one on jamb profile page is correct 100%

    1. Exactly the same as me. Please what should we do

  3. for me i have already done my data correction for dob but i have not heard anything from jamb except a message of my old slip

  4. I just did mine today praying for it to reflect post utme form is out


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