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JAMB Shows, "You Have Already Used this Service" Error

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While trying to print the original JAMB result, a candidate got this error "You have Already Used this Service".

A few other candidates got the same while trying to pay for the change of institutions/courses and related JAMB services.

This may be why you're on this page too.

Of course, while trying to:

  1. print oroginal JAMB result,
  2. print JAMB admission letters
  3. do a change of institutions/courses
  4. or similar services

candidates must make payments and proceed to print or perform the activities they've just paid for.

However, while trying to pay online or generate remita reference (RRR) for the service, the JAMB portal may greet you with "You Have Already Used this Service. Thank you."

With this error, you may not know what to do and in fact, you may not know what has caused it.

I'm about to tell you why this error and what to do about it in order to be able to print.

Why the JAMB Error, "You Have Already Used this Service"?

Generally, this error will pop up if you'd once used the same service you're trying to pay for using the same JAMB profile.

If you're using the last year's JAMB profile for this year's admission, and the last admission, you paid for the same service and used it to perform the operation, the portal will show this error if intend to do the same this year.

For example, Mr. Yinka sought admission last year with his JAMB profile. Then, he printed his original JAMB result. Remember, he got a JAMB registration number last year. This year, he used the same profile but got another JAMB registration number. 

Now, to print the original JAMB result for the new JAMB registration number, the portal will complain that He Had Already Used this Service.

Unfortunately, the portal won't tell him what to do about it.

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What to do About Error "You Have Already Used this Service" on JAMB Portal

Below is what to do if you are getting the error "You have Already Used this Service"

  1. Log in to your JAMB profile or visit https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/efacility./
  2. Make sure your page view is in desktop view. To do that use a laptop or desktop computer. If you're using a mobile device, on logging in to your profile or before, locate the three at the top corner of your browser (Chrome especially). Click that and navigate to the "Desktop View" in the setting. Mark that to adapt your page to desktop standard
  3. Now, locate the My Usage link. Click on that. That will open the Service Usage Logs page. Here, you will see the list of services you had earlier paid for.
  4. Locate among the usages, the one you want to pay for now. Then, click "Reset For New Payment". This will now reactivate the same service for you.
  5. Go back to where the service is and make a new payment attempt. It should go now without any error.

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  1. Sir,I purchased my e pin at cyber cafe,I took the pin to cbt for registration, but they didn't create Gmail portal for me, what is the solution because the registration has been successful already
    So that I will be able to have access to my portal

    1. For the 2021 JAMB, JAMB doesn't include the use of email during the registration. Wait for further instructions form JAMB.

  2. Sir I used my last year profile to register for this year jamb, but the school I choose last year have not release their admission list.
    My question is that
    * would I be able to print the utme mock examination slip if I've not reject the admission.
    *And how would I print the mock examination slip

    1. You should be able to print the JAMB mock slip.

      To print that, JAMB will provide a link on its home page.


  3. I clicked on the service usage but it says no service available. And I still can't print the admission letter? What to do next please?

    1. Are you sure you're using the same profile you used last year and printed letters back then?

  4. Sir I used my last year profile and email to register for 2022 jamb and my jamb portal is showing me 2021, will it affect me in getting admission in 2022

    1. When the 2022 starts, it will be showing your the 2022 too

  5. Good day sir, please sir I tried accepting my admission on jamb caps... It showed request approved but the payment portal didn't come up so I can make the payment to accept the admission, and later I tried it again but it's saying I don't have access to my jamb admission caps any longer

    Please sir, I'm confused here, what do I need to do sir...

    1. Acceptance fee are not meat to be paid on the JAMB portal or to JAMB. You will pay acceptance fee to your school through the school portal. Read the post below to get it better.


  6. I have make like 3 payments now
    So I’ll still needs to make another payment?? That’s bad 😭


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