JAMB CAPS App Error: What Can I Do?

When it's time to follow admission progress one of the quickest ways is to use the JAMB CAPS mobile app. You have access to that directly from the Google play store.

But after installing it on your phone or using it for a while, you might receive some errors. Complaint such as "Error in Connection" is not uncommon if you're trying to use the JAMB CAPS mobile app.

Usually, after entering your JAMB registration number and phone, you click on get started to receive an error in connection.

In this case, what should you do? Why this error in the first place?

Let's discuss this concern and proffer solutions to it.

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"Error in Connection" on JAMB CAPS Is Technical

There are various possibilities if you're seeing this error. Let's check a few.

  1. If you're seeing this error immediately after installing, check your internet connection and see that you have active data.
  2. If you've used the app in the past but not working again, try to uninstall the one on your phone. Restart the device. Download and reinstall the app again.
  3. The app might not be compatible with your phone's Android version. I've observed that the app may not run well on Android version 12 or above. Check and try it on the phone with a lower version of Android.

JAMB Recommends Using Website To Access Caps In Case of JAMB CAPS App Error

In case you're not aware, apart from using the Android app, you can also access your CAPS directly on your device browsers such as Chrome, UC web, Firefox, Phonix, Opera, etc.

When an affected candidate reported to JAMB that he got the error trying to use the CAPS app, that was the recommendation by the board.

Bassey Udoh asked. 👇

Hello JAMB, I've been trying to access my caps but I couldn't. I was offered admission and I need to accept the offer. I have the caps application and it's showing an error in connection I also used a laptop but it's not connecting

Below is the reply from the board.

Aside from the CAPS application, you can also access the CAPS through the web browser on https://jamb.gov.ng/efacility

To use your phone browser to access your CAPS, following the board's directive, check the steps in my post, "How to Enter JAMB CAPS on Phone, or Computers".


Apparently, using JAMB CAPS mobile app can come easily with all Android smartphones out there. However, if you're receiving error notices while trying to use the app, follow the troubleshooting tips earlier listed.

If that won't work, the last resort is to use the web browser as guided in the second section of the post.

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