After JAMB Part-Time Application, What Next? -

After JAMB Part-Time Application, What Next?

You're asked to go to the JAMB office and register for JAMB part-time form. You've done that. But you don't know what will happen next. And if you've not registered with JAMB, no way to escape that. You'll do it.

To create more confusion, after completing your JAMB part-time application, you're given some papers (usually called the indemnity form). No further instructions or guidance was given after the attending officer handed offer the paper to you.

Now, you're confused you don't know what to do next.

This post will be guiding you on what to do next after registering for the JAMB part-time application at the JAMB office.

You Will Usually Be Given Two Slips After Completing the JAMB Part-time Application

At the JAMB office, at the point of the registration, the official, after submitting online, should give you two slips. These slips are best called the confirmation of the registration or slip and indemnity form respectively.

Below are the two slips to be given to you after completing your JAMB part-time application.

This is the JAMB part-time application/registration slip 

Here is the JAMB part-time indemnity form

What to Do With the JAMB Application Slip and the Indemnity Form/Slip

You're to take these two slips to your proposed school (polytechnics) for submission. Most schools will want it to be submitted to the admission offices, registrars, or to specific officers in charge of part-time admissions.

For examples,

According to the Federal Polytechnic Offa, the instructions below were given to all prospective daily part-time admission seekers.

All prospective candidates for part-time must printout the JAMB CAPS form for application for part-time Admission and submit it to the Admission Officer at the Polytechnic which will be used for processing AND formalizing their Admission with JAMB 

Similarly, Osun State Polytechnic Iree released its update as follows.

This is to inform the general public, particularly those who are seeking admission into Part-Time programmes of the Osun State Polytechnic, Iree that only individuals who have duly registered for Part-Time with JAMB and who have submitted the printed JAMB Part-Time form to the Institution shall be considered for admission.

Consequently, interested applicants are hereby advised to follow the following procedures

1. Visit JAMB Office and register for OSPOLY, Iree Part-Time National Diploma admission

2. Print the form and proceed to the Registrar's Office of the Institution at Iree to submit the form.

Please note that only candidates who have submitted the form will be considered for admission.

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Also, the Federal Polytechnic Ede clearly states this on the admission portal for all prospective applicants to take note and act accordingly.

According to the polytechnic, 

Kindly be advised that Candidates who applied for Daily Part-Time (DPT) and Regular Part-Time (RPT) are expected to register on CAPS (JAMB Site) for Part Time 2023/2024 in order to acquire JAMB Registration Number, which will be required to process the Admission.

In this situation, the management is taking this application seriously from the start. This means, it's compulsory for all part-time applicants to register for the JAMB part-time form too and the submission should be done to the school before you can expect admission eventually for very many schools.

However, some polytechnics, such as Osun State College of Technology Esa-Oke, Kwara State Polytechnic Ilorin, Federal Polytechnic Ilaro, etc. don't have such notice made open, even though their applicants will need the same.

With the look of things, whether your school instructs you to submit your JAMB part-time registration slips to the school or not, it'll be a good idea to take the two slips to the campus for submission. If instructed, take it to the office in the notice. Otherwise, go to the admission office to know if there is a need to submit it and where to.


If you've done your JAMB part-time registration, keep the slips till it's required but usually before being offered admission. Most schools require you to apply with JAMB, as a part-time aspirant to hasten your admission and it's now required as an important part of your admission process. Not applying or submitting the slips may hinder you from being admitted.

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