Can A University Offer Admission AFTER Matriculation -

Can A University Offer Admission AFTER Matriculation

Matriculation Ceremony
Sometimes, you wait long enough to see admission but in the end, things appear as if we're at the end of the road. 

That happened to the aspirants lamenting below.

can a university (ABSU) still offer admission to anybody who applied to them after the matriculation ceremony, because my CAPS is still showing not admitted yet??

Sometimes, you're aware a school has already conducted its matriculation. Yet, you're aware you can still obtain its admission form or post UTME to seek the year's admission.

Sometimes, you're just confused about how possible it is to still gain admission into a school that has already done its matriculation ceremony.

A student spoke to me through my pay-to-request-reply service. Someone has promised her to wait for her name in a list but no good news. While the date for the matriculation ceremony was set, the lady got back to her connection. The man told her to wait till after the ceremony before her name could come out. Then, she was curious to know if that was possible.

In this post, I'll share my answer with you so that you can learn something if you're in the same shoes.

Generally, No Admission Lists After Matriculation

The best way to say it is that Matriculation marks the end of the yearly admission exercise. When a school conducts matriculation, new entries stop for that admission year.

Let's give you a valid supportive statement by the Federal Co-operative College, Ibadan.

Matriculation of the students is an integral part of the student registration exercise and shall mark the end of admission and registration of students. On no account shall any student be admitted and/or registered after matriculation.

This position is not limited to the college in the reference above, all universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, colleges of health, etc. hold the same. 

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The Event Of Matriculation Gives You Studentship Number

In fact, there is a general number that recognizes you as a bonified student of a school. This number, the matric number, must have been given to all matriculating students on or before the matriculation day.

A matriculation number is a set of numbers that is used to identify each student in the school. Only candidates who have been admitted and completed certain activities (such as clearance) are eligible to get a matriculation number.

It's not in the habit of any institution, under normal circumstances, to still be giving matric numbers to students after the ceremony.


Gaining admission after matriculation is unlikely, as matriculation typically marks the end of the yearly admission exercise for most educational institutions. Once a school conducts its matriculation ceremony, new admissions for that academic year usually cease. 

Matriculation not only signifies the commencement of one's educational journey but also serves as the endpoint for admission and registration. As such, it is crucial for aspiring students to apply and complete the admission process well before the matriculation ceremony. 

While there may be rare exceptions or special circumstances, it is generally advisable to plan for admission within the established timelines and guidelines to avoid disappointment.

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  1. What happened to the lady you spoke about? Did she later get the admission or not?Because I'm in the exact same situation


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