Can I Use 100, 200, or 300 Level Results For DE? -

Can I Use 100, 200, or 300 Level Results For DE?

You've heard about the direct entry (DE). Yes, it's an admission you can seek from a polytechnic to a university when you're done with your National Diploma (ND) or Higher National Diploma (HND). Graduates from a university can seek direct entry admission into another university or the same using the direct entry too.

But is there a way to seek direct admission at the 200 level to another university? Or using your 100, 200, or 300 level result, can you gain a DE admission to another university?

Well, this is a question someone contacted me for and this post contains my comprehensive answers in case you're seeking the same.

Direct Entry (DE) Admissions Are Strictly for the Graduates

When you're still in the 100 level, 200 level, 300 level, ND 1, NCE year 1, or year 1 or 2 at a college or school of nursing, you're YET to be a graduate. This is why DE admission is not for you.

Once you earn any of the following, you're qualified to obtain the direct entry form.

  1. Bachelor's Degree (BSC)
  2. Higher National Diploma (HND)
  3. National Diploma (ND)
  4. Other Diplomas e.g. from colleges of health or school-owned diplomas
  5. IJMB 
  6. JUPEB
  7. Nigerian Certificate of Education (NCE)
  8. Registered Nursing (RN) and/or Registered Midwifery (RM)

Own any of the above? You can obtain the DE form.

When Your Certificate or Qualification Is "In View"

Why at ND 2, your ND result is not going to be available until the end of that class? So, at ND 2, your ND result is still "in view".

Similarly, a student in 400 level (if a four-year course) or 500-level (if a five-year course) is in the final year of his or her studies but not yet earn the BSC. At this level, the BSC is  still "in view".

It's good news that, at this level, you can still obtain the DE form. Yes, just like a student who is awaiting the results of SSCE, JAMB may allow you to use "awaiting result" for your ND, NCE, HND, BSC, IJMB, or JUPEB result  for direct entry admission too.

With this, it's safe to say that in the final year of your proposed qualification, you can still be allowed to obtain the DE form. But for any class or level before that, you can't obtain the DE form.

Qualified? How to Obtain DE Form

Of course, the procedure for obtaining the DE form has been comprehensively covered in the post, "Direct Entry Form: Registration, Price, Closing Date, etc.". Take time to read.

For the purpose of refreshment, let's get the keynotes.

  1. First, generate your JAMB profile code
  2. Use that code to obtain the JAMB DE form
  3. After that, obtain the university's post-DE form too, when it's out
  4. Participate in the entrance exam if any (not applicable to all universities)
  5. Process and send your former school's academic transcripts to the proposed university
  6. After that, expect admission if you meet it.

Alternatively, If You're in the 100, 200, or 300 Level

As stated above, the options to process direct entry (DE) admission is to be a graduate before applying or opt-in in your final year, if awaiting results will be honored by JAMB. If however, depending on your situation and need, the following alternatives can come to your rescue.

1. Change of Course or Intra-Faculty Transfer 

If you intend to cross to another course, you can take advantage of the change of 200-level course admission chance that will be given to you by your current university.

With this when promoting from 100 level to 200 level, most universities will sell their students what is called "change of course forms". With this, if you meet the academic grade required, you might be transferred from your current course to another.

2. Inter-University Transfer

For those already in the 200 or 300 level, you can obtain a transfer form from any other university. With this, you can leave your current university and continue with the new university.

It's possible to cross from any university to the other for the same or similar course if you meet the financial and academic requirements for such an arrangement.


While it may not be possible for you to do direct entry admission from the year or level before the final year or after graduation, you can take advantage of the intra-faculty change of course option or inter-university transfer if you can't wait till you finish with the current university or course.

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