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Will Linking Wrong Email Affect My Admission?

Some students got answers to their questions when they linked the wrong emails to the JAMB portal.

Even though I've taken that problem out of the way, some candidates are still skeptical of whether linking the wrong email can make them lose their admissions.

The issue gets more confusing if you have to wait a century for your admission without any good news or possible greenlight.

In this post, I'm about to open it to you whether linking the wrong email to the JAMB portal can cause a school, not to offer you admission or otherwise.

Linking a Wrong Email To The JAMB Portal Doesn't Affect Admission

Contrary to your assumption or thinking, if you've linked a wrong email with your JAMB portal, it wouldn't stop a school or JAMB from offering you admission.

As a matter of fact, it's a serious concern if you link a wrong email to your portal but it's only going to stress you whenever you need to perform certain activities on your JAMB portal. 

And if you can even get the password (with the same wrong email) using the SMS method, you're allowed to be using the wrong email to access the JAMB portal.

Even where the stress is necessary, all it requires is passing things to go to any CBT center around you for activities such as printing of JAMB results, checking of admission status, and eventually if offered admission, the printing of the JAMB admission letters.

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Thinking the University Will Not Offer You Admission Due to a Wrong Email?

The procedures of offering email don't directly have anything to do with candidates' emails. In brief:

  1. After the post-UTME/screening, the school will send your name, among other admitted candidates, to the JAMB
  2. JAMB will confirm the merit status of such a list and update it on the JAMB portal (a section called CAPS)
  3. Candidates will log in to their CAPS and accept admission there. Here, if you linked the wrong email and couldn't log in to the JAMB portal, a CBT center will handle it without using email. And if you know how to still use the wrong email to log in to CAPS, it will still work without repercussions.
  4. After accepting the CAPS admission or before, the school will also upload its admission lists to the school admission portal where you will accept as well and it won't have anything to do with the use of the wrong linked email

As you can see, there is no stage where a school or JAMB will, because you've linked the wrong email, decide not to offer you admission.

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Rarely Will Admission Be Sent to Candidates' Email

Some candidates are just afraid because they think JAMB and/or the school will send them admission (status) directly to their emails. That's wrong, in most cases.

I can't remember many universities, polytechnics, or colleges of education that do send admission status alerts or emails to their candidates. In fact, I just remember that Ladoke Akintola University Ogbomoso has this culture. I can't remember any other one that will send messages to your email that you've been offered admission.

And in fact, if any school will send an email to you to inform you of being admitted, there will still be other alternative means to know when offered admission. Such updates will also be available on the school portal, in a list on its official website, or using the JAMB CAPS.

And if they will use the email, it's usually the email you supply when filling their post-UTME/screening form - not necessarily the one linked to the JAMB portal. That's why I'd once advised that if you linked a wrong email to the JAMB portal, you should use the correct email when filling the post-UTME form instead, Nothing is wrong with that! You're not restricted to using the same email for the JAMB and post-UTME/screening.

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Yes, It's Acceptable to Use Another Email For Post-UTME/Screening

When registering for the post-UTME, if you've noticed on detected that the email you linked to the JAMB portal was wrong, stop using it any further! That's all!

But, you'll still need the email for the post-UTME/screening! No!. You can use another email for that. Create a new one or use any correct one already registered. Use that while filling out the post-UTME/screening form.

With that, if there will be communication, which is rare, from the proposed schools, they will contact you through this new email instead of the wrong one linked to the JAMB portal.

The wrong email linked with the JAMB portal is mainly needed to get the JAMB password and notifications for payments made on the JAMB portal, which can easily be got through SMS (if you still have your JAMB SIM) and to log in to the JAMB portal only, which will still work provided you use the password got with SMS along with it.

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Don't panic that you may not be offered admission because you've linked the wrong email to the JAMB portal. It doesn't stop your admission.

Such a mistake will subject you to obvious stress but it's not to the extent of affecting the JAMB's or school's decision on offering you admission.

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