How Will You Know If You Merit Admission? -

How Will You Know If You Merit Admission?

When a student asked if he could pay for admission, I was blunt to tell him no because I didn't trust his contact. How could you meet a man online who claimed to be a lecturer and just pay him for admission assistance? It's not done!

I asked him a few questions to know if he merited the admission or if he would need to seek help indeed. I found out that the poor guy would be offered admission on merit even if he didn't pay anybody a dime.

And I was right. He got back to me a few weeks later to tell me of his admission. He was finally offered admission without paying anybody, be it a genuine lecturer or a fake one.

He then asked me, how would any student know if he merited admission in the first place? I shared my insight with him, and I think you will love to learn a few things too.

In this post, let's explore how you can confidently conclude that you've merited the admission to your proposed school/course so that you won't be worried about paying for assistance or falling victim to admission scams.

1. You Must Meet the Admission Eligibility

For the school and course you propose, do you meet the admission eligibility? By this, I mean, do you have the O'level subjects in your SSCE result? Did you write the correct subjects in your JAMB UTME? Another silent merit question is, are you 16 or more?

These are the first questions to be answered with "Yes" if you'll merit the admission. No school will offer you admission even if you score 400 in JAMB with the wrong subjects in SSCE for the proposed course or the wrong subject combination in the JAMB. So, also, if you're less than 16 as of the October of the admission year.

This is why you must first check your admission eligibility. This is a means to know, upfront, if you're qualified for that school in the first place or otherwise.

If you've done things wrongly at this stage, you may consider changing your school or course to the one that align with the SSCE and UTME subjects in order to have any admission hope. If you're less than 16, you may consider deferring your admission if eventually offered.

You Must Have Got the Required Post-UTME/Screening Score/Point

The second level of deciding if you merit the admission of a school is not only to participate in the post-UTME or screening exercise, but you must also pass the said exam and meet the right screening point for the proposed course.

Each course has its own screening point, or aggregate score as usually determined by schools. This point must be met for your own proposed course before you can be admitted on merit.

Here, it means you must familiarize yourself with the method being used by your proposed school, the aggregate departmental cut-off mark/score to be considered for your course. Once you get that and you meet or beat the benchmark, you're qualified on merit.

You Must Have Done Other Things Rightly

Even after being eligible and meeting the departmental aggregate score/point, there are a few things that you must have got right. If you're missing out on any of them, you may not still be offered admission, notwithstanding.

Below is the list of things you should pay attention to and do well.

  1. Link your email to the JAMB portal. If you don't do this, you may not even know if you're eventually offered admission.
  2. Upload O'level result or A'level result (for the DE applicant) to the JAMB portal. Without this, you won't be offered admission.
  3. Follow up Transfer approval on the JAMB portal for possible transfer to another course.

Other Admission Determinants May Favor You but Not Based on Merit

Do you meet the terms already covered above? If yes, you're good to go. Wait patiently for the next admission lists as you're 100% sure to be offered admission.

However, if you're missing out on something that can be corrected, go ahead and do just that. If anything is beyond your control, such as having a few points less than the course-demanded aggregate point, other admission determinants may favor you.

For example, most schools, especially federal, will still adhere to the merit, catchment areas, and Educationally Less Developed States (ELDS) in deciding who makes the lists. With a few points less than the merit, if you fall into the university's catchment areas or the ELDS, you can eventually be favored for the course or, at worst, be transferred to another course.

So, find out if this is applicable to your proposed school's admission policy and understand if you have hope.


In the pursuit of securing admission, adherence to eligibility criteria, achieving required scores, and meticulous attention to submission details are paramount. The journey to merit-based admission involves aligning qualifications, meeting specific thresholds, and ensuring all necessary documentation is accurately furnished. In mist cases, 50% of students admitted by a school will be on merit. So, it's very achievable!

By comprehensively understanding and meeting these criteria, students safeguard themselves against fraudulent practices and increase their chances of legitimate acceptance. Emphasizing eligibility, scoring prerequisites, and meticulous follow-through with submission protocols establishes a solid foundation for a genuine and deserved admission. Attention to detail and adherence to the outlined procedures remain pivotal in navigating the intricate landscape of academic admission, ensuring a rightful and merited enrollment.

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