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Meaning of JAMB "No Used Service With Document Upload Found"

While using your JAMB profile, you are likely to see this notice, "No Used Service With Document Upload Found".

Yes, you will see it if you click on the My Document link right on your JAMB profile dashboard.

Then, you begin to wonder about the meaning of this notice. Why is your JAMB profile showing this message? Does it mean you've NOT done your JAMB registration well? Does it mean the change of institution and/or courses was not done correctly?

Do you have to worry that some documents had not been uploaded or had not been correctly uploaded?

Especially if you had recently uploaded your O'level and/or A'level results to the JAMB portal but you're not sure how to check that. Some candidates come across this, "No Used Service With Document Upload Found" when they want to check if their results are on the JAMB portal.

This post will explain this message and whether you should worry or otherwise.

"No Used Service With Document Upload Found" Is Not Because You Didn't Upload Results

When you see this notice, it doesn't mean that your O'level result had not been uploaded, even though that may be too. But seeing the notice is not telling you such.

It's your fault for checking the status of your O'level upload the wrong way. To check your O'level status, the posts below will be of help.

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What simply happened here was that you crossed to the wrong section of the JAMB profile, that's why you're greeted with this message which is meant for another thing that might not even concern you.

"No Used Service With Document Upload Found" Is Not Because Something Is Wrong With Your Profile/CAPS or Admission

You don't have to worry about this message as a UTME or DE applicant since it's none of your business.

And it doesn't mean you must go to the CBT center or JAMB office to rectify any issues. 

Specific issues you may have with your JAMB profile and CAPS are explained in the posts below. See if any affects you.

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"No Used Service With Document Upload Found" is For Candidates Who JAMB has Stricly Instructed to Upload Supporting Documents for Complaints

There are conditions where JAMB will ask some candidates to upload certain supporting documents to their JAMB profiles or send them directly to JAMB.

This section of the JAMB profile should be hosting such documents for candidates to see whenever there is a need for references.

For example, if JAMB withholds results, they usually instruct affected applicants to upload certain supporting documents to clarify them.

Any documents uploaded or sent in this kind of situation or similar ones, will appear under the My Document section of the JAMB profile.

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  1. Sir I logged into my jamb profile the year was 2022 ...but when I wanted to access my caps to check if my uploaded o'level results had been uploaded changed back to 2021 ...sir does it mean jamb has not started admission for 2022 or does it mean I haven't uploaded my o'level result

    1. JAMB is still working on upgrading the system to 2022. Check back later.


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