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Will UNILORIN Transfer Me to Another Course?

I processed Bolu's admission into UNILORIN. She didn't check back on me until she had the news that the university has released its first admission list.

The good news wasn't for her as she didn't merit the first batch admission list. She was for a while down before I told her to hope for the second batch or the third one.

She then asked a question that literally any student, who doesn't meet the merit list or who is not sure they can truly compete for their proposed course, will ask.

Will the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) offer me another course in case I don't meet up with my course aggregate point?

Similar to that are students asking if the university will transfer them to other courses should they won't get their intended courses.

Well, I have both good news and bad news for you. Let's chat!

The Bad News! UNILORIN Doesn't Just Give You Another Course

Gone were the days when schools would just send you to any department that was less competitive or had some vacancies. The University of Ilorin doesn't just post you to another course until they're sure you're interested in the course and will love to take it instead.

It was well known back then that after schools sent some students to other departments, most students would neither accept nor report to the departments.

Today, you have to be very interested if you're expecting a new course other than the one you put in for.

First, as for the UNILORIN, you must have got the JAMB score required for any course they deem fit for you. Also, you must have partaken in the post-UTME registration and exam. Apart from that, you must have got the right aggregate score for any possible course to be transferred to.

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Now The Good News, UNILORIN Will First Transfer You On The JAMB Portal

If the University will give you admission into another department, the first thing they'll do is transfer you to the JAMB portal. You may receive an SMS  or email to this effect. You may NOT be sent any updates as well. That's why you should check your JAMB transfer approval section from time to time.

If they transfer you, you're to visit your JAMB portal, accept that there and proceed to any CBT center to effect the change of institution to the newly transferred course.

This gives every indication that you're really interested in the new course and you're ready to be given that course instead of the former one.

It's after this, the school will finally give you the new course. You're to revisit the JAMB CAPS and be checking the main admission status link this time. Once finalized, you should accept the offer, and print your JAMB admission letter.


UNILORIN does give students admissions into different courses or departments other than the ones they put in for especially if they don't meet the aggregate point required for their intended courses.

However, it's not direct giving like you may be thinking, you still have to actively be involved in the transfer process and you're to accept that on the JAMB portal and change to it before they can give you the course eventually.

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