Can I Print in Black: JAMB Result & Admission Letters? -

Can I Print in Black: JAMB Result & Admission Letters?

I've got questions from prospective students of various schools regards the printing of JAMB results and/or the admission letters in black or in color.

You're likely in the same dilemma finding yourself on this page.

In this, I will be talking about the printing of:

  1. JAMB result
  2. JAMB admission letter
  3. School admission letters
  4. and whether any could be printed in black or it's compulsory to print it in color.

JAMB Original Result Is Required in Color

Whether you've been offered admission or not, if you must print your JAMB original result, it should be in color.

That doesn't necessarily mean it's compulsory to print the result in color if you're yet to be admitted or called for screening or freshers' documentation. In fact, the only thing that can force you to print the original JAMB result before post-UTME time is if you could not use the SMS method to check or if you just want to have the paper type for the record.

Original JAMB/UTME Result
In other words, if you just want to have it at hand for now, you can still do away with having it printed in black. But if it has got to the level of using it for an online screening such as in the FUSHI online screening registration where you're required to scan and upload it to the school portal, it's necessary to be in color.

Even though you may not be sanctioned for uploading a black-on on the screening portal, if you must be required to appear for physical screening of a school or after being admitted, and you're asked to come with the original JAMB result, you must go with it in color.

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JAMB Admission Letters Should Be Printed in Color Too

Similar to the original JAMB result, there may be the need to do online bio-data or freshers' documentation immediately after being admitted or on resumption as freshers.

In this case, you'll need your JAMB admission letters which will be required in color.

Of course, there are two copies of the JAMB admission letters - one for the student and the other for the institution as already indicated, in writing, by the board.

Candidate's Copy of JAMB Admission Letters

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As for your own copy, for any reason, you can retain or have that in black, you'll need to have the institution's copy in color.

Institution's copy of JAMB admission letters

Your copy is for your personal keep or future reference, the institution will only recognize the latter in color.

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JAMB Instructs That JAMB Result and Admission Letters Are Better in Color

JAMB, itself has required every candidate to be sure they print their original result and the board's admission letter to be printed in color. 

If you check the result and the letter after payment and downloading, you'll clearly see the part usually by the left side vertically written (check the right of the letters) that should be printed in color.

Of course, the language here can be too former to be seen as being made compulsory. If you're a student of language, what "To be Printed with Colour Printer" means is "print in color". The former is just a respectful way of making what is difficult simple.

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School Admission Letters Don't Necessarily Have to Be Color

Having established that the original JAMB result and its admission letters should be printed in color where it will be required for official purposes, and as equally instructed by the board, the printing of the school-issued admission letter doesn't have to be in color.

Yes, a few schools if not all nowadays will not print and give admission letters to their newly admitted students, they instead upload such letters online for students to download and print on payment of the acceptance fee or before that.

School admission letter

This letter can be printed in color and if you prefer or you can't afford color, printed in black.

Unlike the original JAMB result and admission letters that may be required by the school officials for the bio-data or freshers' registration/documentation, these people usually won't ask for their own insured letter of admission.

However, if there will be any need to ask for or submit the school admission letter later too, along the line, it's better printed in color.

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Printing Result and Submission Letter in Color Doesn't Make Them Original

Some students have the opinion that only the color printout is original. Nope! That's not true!

A letter or result printed in black is equally original if it's truly original. It's just the norm here that these official documents are generally accepted in color for official submission.

If it's acceptable in black, do it in black. It's expected in color, do it in color.

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