Is It Compulsory To Link Your Email To JAMB? -

Is It Compulsory To Link Your Email To JAMB?

Not every activity is compulsory when it comes to seeking admission. It's not compulsory to print the original JAMB result until required, for example.

You might have put in for JAMB mock earlier before you learned that it's optional too.

But when it comes to linking your email to the JAMB portal, you may not be very sure how compulsory it is.

Well, the direct answer to this is "it's optional if you won't need it. It's compulsory if you will need it".

Apparently, you deserve a full explanation!

Let's address that and related matters in this post.

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You Won't Necessarily Link Email To JAMB Portal, If you Fail JAMB

Normally, most CBT centers had linked some candidates' emails to their JAMB portals when they went for the UTME/DE registration. That's the best, under normal circumstances.

But when the population is overwhelming, time was not enough, the center faced some technical concerns or intentionally want to exploit these applicants if they come back for the linking, most centers could not link back then.

If you're among those whose emails were not linked and you're contemplating doing that now, what's important is "Do you pass JAMB and wish to process admission with your score?".

Some students didn't pass JAMB. Hence they never want to consider processing admission for the year.

You're the only one who can determine if you pass JAMB. A student who got 120 or less in JAMB can call that a "pass" if he cares to go to a college of education, a college of health, or a polytechnic that may accept that.

A student who wishes to go for Medicine & Surgery, Nursing Science, Pharmacy, etc., especially in a competitive university, won't call 230 a "pass" mark. These courses, in most competitive universities, will require higher scores.

Hence, such candidates may not even make attempts to consider less competitive courses, which may be right for the lower scores, or change to polytechnics or colleges of education for that matter.

In any of these cases, if you want to process your admission further after seeing your UTME result, you'll need to link your email to the JAMB portal. Otherwise, you can defer that till next year when possibly you have a better score and are ready to process admission further.

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Where the Linking of Email to the JAMB Portal Comes in

The particular area where the linking of the email becomes compulsory is when you want to be accessing your JAMB portal by yourself or with the help of a café.

For example, the following activities will require you to log in to the JAMB portal.

  1. Printing your original JAMB result
  2. Checking the status of the O'level result uploaded
  3. Checking the progress of your admission on the JAMB CAPS
  4. Monitoring JAMB's possible transfer from your course to another and for the acceptance of that
  5. Monitoring possible marketplace admission
  6. Acceptance of admission when finally offered and 
  7. Printing of JAMB admission letter

If you pay attention, except you will need to process admission with your JAMB score, none of the above activities will matter to you, JAMB, or the proposed school.

However, for candidates who linked the wrong email to their JAMB portal or didn't have access to their email or the JAMB portal again, a CBT center can help them with all aforementioned activities at some fees.


Linking email to the JAMB portal becomes necessary if you wish to continue with the processing of your admission for the year. Candidates who wish to forgo admission this year with the intention to retake JAMB and process admission next year may or may not link the email right now.

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