Must I Use Same CBT Center for All JAMB Activities? -

Must I Use Same CBT Center for All JAMB Activities?

After JAMB registration, there are other admission-related activities such as the printing of exam slips, the printing of UTME results, change of institutions, uploading of results, linking of email to the JAMB portal etc.

Some candidates are concerned about whether they will keep using the CBT centre they used for the JAMB registration for any of the listed JAMB activities/registrations.

These students might have travelled from their hometowns or returned from another state where they registered JAMB. Do they have to return back to the same CBT centre if they will link the email to the JAMB portal, change of institutions/courses, upload their O'level results and more?

This is the question this post stands to answer. I will also be addressing related concerns before the conclusion.

You Can Use Any Other CBT Centres

Registering your JAMB with a particular CBT centre doesn't tie you to that centre for future activities. You're allowed to change the centre at will.

Once a CBT centre is accredited to register JAMB UTME/DE, you can visit it for any of your admission-related registrations and it won't matter whether it was the one that registered you for UTME/DE.

JAMB allows candidates to change their CBT centres as needed. The board is aware candidates may need to travel away from one CBT centre and still need the services of others. This is why you're NOT attached to a specific centre.

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Some Admission-Related Activities Won't Need CBT Centres Should You Don't Know

In case you think everything about JAMB or admission must be done at CBT centres, no that's not right.

Candidates won't need to go to CBT centres - be it the ones they registered JAMB with or any accredited ones, for the following activities.

  1. printing of UTME slips (exam scheduled printout)
  2. printing of original JAMB results
  3. Post UTME registrations
  4. checking and monitoring the JAMB admission status
  5. printing of JAMB admission letters
  6. the payment of the acceptance fee and tuition

In other words, you can access your JAMB CAPS yourself and the school portal and do any of the above-listed activities. And if you're not computer/internet savvy like me, a café will do that for you without any sweat. They're allowed to do all these.

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Even though you won't have to go back to any CBT centre for certain activities, as listed above, even for those that require the services of CBT centres, it's not necessary to return to where your registered UTME/DE.

You can use the services of any other accredited CBT centre as long as it's accredited. 

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