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What To Take To CBT Centre To Change Institution/Courses

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Do you remember, back then when you went for the JAMB registration? You went with a few things which included the JAMB profile code, your email (if any), PIN (if already purchased), O'level result, etc.

And if you'd missed out on one of these, you might have been sent back to go get it.

It's time to change institutions and courses. You don't want to be sent back home if you don't go to the CBT center with the right items or documents.

In this post, we'll be exploring the needed documents (if any), information, materials, or items, that may be required at the CBT center in order to change institutions and/or courses.

Change of Institution/Courses Requires Your Email

One of the main prerequisites to do correction of data is your email. If you've already linked your email with the JAMB portal, during the UTME/DE registration, you're automatically tied to that email.

Hence, it's the same email you'll have to take to the CBT center for the change of institutions/courses. If you're not sure, if you check your JAMB registration slip, the email should be written there if already linked.

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However, if you've not earlier linked the email, you should take it along with you. Using that for the change of institutions/courses will automatically link for you. If you don't have an existing or working email, create one (Gmail will be better). You'll need it.

Be sure you write the email correctly for the CBT attendant. Be sure he enters it correctly too. And most importantly, be sure you know the password of your email i.e. be sure you can log into it or you're already logging into it on your phone before submitting the email.

You'll thank me later for that!

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JAMB Profile Code May Be Required For Change of Institutions and/or Courses

To correct anything, even the names, date of birth, and state/local government, you may need the profile code.

That was the code you generated before you started the JAMB registration back then. Remember the code you got after sending your NIN to 55019?

Because most students might have lost their profile code, some CBT centers can help with just email and JAMB registration numbers. Others can be insisting that the profile code should be submitted to start with.

In this case, if you've lost the profile code, you can get it back using one of the methods, detailed in "Get JAMB Profile Code or Recover a Lost Code".

One of the methods should be a lifesaver!

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Your Physical Presence is Required For the Change of Institutions/Courses

Just like during your JAMB registration, you're required to be physically present for the correction of any data on your JAMB. As such, your fingerprints will be required before the final submission after the alternation.

Hence, if you're thinking another person can help you with this, you're out of luck. Be there yourself.

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N2,500 Service Charged is Required for Change of Institutions/Courses

One important thing to take along when going to a CBT center for a change of institutions/courses is the service fee and the center's charge.

The official service fee for the correction of schools and/or courses is N2500 (excluding the online transcription charge which may be about N200). 

Each CBT center is required to bill N700 for their service. However,  experience has shown that while some CBT centers adhere to the N3500, some go as up as N4000 or N4500.

Just prepare within this range before going out there.

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You May Go With Your O'level Result To Avoid Delay

Uploading the O'level results to the JAMB portal is compulsory for all UTME and DE applicants. However, it's not part of the change of institutions/courses.

It's a separate activity. Though can be done together.

Luckily, some candidates uploaded their results during the UTME/DE registration. There won't be any need to reupload if you're sure it'd already been done earlier.

For those who didn't upload, back then, probably using awaiting results or forgot to take it along during the registration or CBT centers didn't upload despite taking it along, you may take advantage of your visit to the CBT center for the change of institutions/courses to upload the result too.

Since uploading of results is equally restricted to the CBT centers and JAMB offices just like the correction of data, you'll be rational to handle the two together on one visit.


As you might have deduced from the post, email, profile code, and money are the main things to take along when visiting the nearest CBT center to change institutions and/or courses.

However, needless to say, you'll pay and should be there in person and can take advantage of that to upload your O'level result to avoid going back the second time.

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