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CBT Center Made Mistakes in My Email. Help!

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That was what she was crying out over the phone. I told her to be very attentive when the CBT attendant would be entering her email, especially.

How it started! Sukuroh was one of the students who would consult me before heading to the CBT center for any registration. She came, we guided her, like others. She bought the PIN from us. When leaving for the CBT center, I reminded her of the importance of not making mistakes with emails. Hence, there was a need to be watchful of those CBT attendants when registering.

Unfortunately, she still messed herself up. The attendant made a mistake without the poor girl taking notice until she returned home. She called me the next day seeking help regarding it. Can I change or edit the email? If yes, how? If impossible, won't it affect my admission? Any way around this mess?

Well, I've written a few posts about it which will be linked within this post too. I will be telling you what is possible and what is not.

First, You Can't Edit JAMB Email

Possibly the attendant has told her it's not possible to edit the email after he had made the mistake. In fact, he was right and couldn't help it. Once a mistake was made in your email used for JAMB registration or linked later, you're stuck with that email for the rest of your admission process.

One of the items that JAMB has officially announced it won't change and remains unchangeable is the email. Others include the phone number used for the registration.

Even with that though, it's not the end of the road!

Mistakes in Email Won't Affect Your Admission

The very fact that your email was mistakenly entered or linked by the CBT attendant doesn't mean you've lost admission. Your admission is still intact and ongoing. You practically don't need the email to process admission. Rather, it'll only be used to access your JAMB portal when needed.

Whereas, even with the mistake, it's still possible to use it to access your JAMB portal when the time comes. And the method to use that erroneous email, notwithstanding, will be covered below.

Create The Wrong Email If Still Available

Now, to take possession of the email with the mistake, you should create it. Yes, you heard that right. The first step is to open the email that contains the errors. It doesn't matter the spelling or error contained, an email is an email.

So, if it's Gmail, use the link here to create the email. However, it's possible that the email is no longer available i.e., somebody else has created it. Where that happens, you can't possess the email again. Yet, it's not the end.

You Can Still Use The Wrong Email To Access JAMB Portal

With all that said, the very importance of your email for JAMB is to be able to get a password to your JAMB portal with it and use it to log in. Luckily, you can still use the email to log in but you can't get the password through it.

And still, there is a smart way to get the password without any need to access the email - after all, you can't. So, what other way? By using the SMS method!

To do that, text an SMS in the format below.

PASSWORD followed by a space then, by the email with a mistake to 55019/66019. For example, PASSWORD [email protected]

You'll be debited N50 for this. Immediately, in most cases, you'll receive a return SMS containing the password to your JAMB portal/e-facility. It's this password and the email with a mistake that you'll be using to log in to your JAMB portal.

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