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Will JAMB Repeat Past Questions in UTME For 2024?

While preparing for JAMB, you're in search of the clues to pass excellently in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).

As a result, you have more questions at this level. You want to know among other things if the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) will repeat past questions in your forthcoming UTME.

It's actually wise to want to be sure if the board will repeat questions. This will possibly help you to limit your efforts to preparing adequately with past questions or if you must go beyond that.

In this post, I will be detailing what to know about the possibility of JAMB UTME questions being reset for the new year and more.

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JAMB Usually Repeats Questions From the Past Exams

JAMB was established on February 13, 1978, and was saddled with the responsibility of admitting and matriculating students into higher institutions of learning in Nigeria. Since its establishment, the board has been setting questions year in and year out. And to date, the board hasn't stopped conducting its exams even to miss just a year.

On this note, the board seems, to me, to have exhausted its questions bank. This is not to say that, if the board decides to set a new collection of questions, it won't be able to. Yet, experience has shown that questions in the past years have been repeated for other years.

In other words, the board had been caught repeating a few questions selected from the previous years in the new exam.

For example, the board may take two questions from 1999 and add them to 1986, then to 2007, and 2011. This is the pattern repeated over the years and teachers preparing students for UTME yearly can testify to that.

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JAMB Has Repeated Nearly an Entire Year's Questions Because of CBT

In recent years, JAMB has repeated almost the entire questions of a year for another year because of the CBT type of its exams.

Even though the board might be out of questions, that won't necessitate repeating all the questions of a year in another year. That's why they pick one or two questions here and there and use those to form a new year's question.

This was necessary to prevent candidates from cheating in the exams especially back in the years it was using paper and pencil. 

However, when the board started the use of CBT, it seemed to have gotten better control of things. Hence, they may repeat more questions from the old years without the fear that students will be lifting past questions to cheat.

I've seen students who returned from the exam hall and told me that a particular year's questions were almost fully repeated. I won't be surprised if the same happens to you too.

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JAMB Completely Repeats Questions For Students in The Same Year

For a specific year, UTME candidates will not write their papers on this same day. While some will sit for theirs on Monday, some are scheduled to Tuesday, Wednesday, and all through to Saturday.

With this arrangement, candidates will want to know if the questions set for candidates who sat for theirs on Monday could be repeated for those who will sit for theirs on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Yes, JAMB repeats the same questions for students who are writing UTME for a particular year irrespective of their schedules or the time of the paper in the day. 

In other words, those who wrote UTME on Saturday will be given the same questions as those who wrote theirs on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. And also the same questions for those who write by 8am, 11am, 2pm, 4pm, etc.

Yes, that's correct!

However, the board is smart because of its CBT. The CBT system will shuffle the questions in such a way that question number 12 of Biology written on Monday may be question number 24 of Biology written on Tuesday.

Even candidates who sat for the exams on the same day and at the same time can't have the same arrangement of the questions to avoid cheating. Question number 6 of Government for the guy in your front may be the number 12 of your own Government and the lady behind you may have the same question as number 17 of her Government.

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With the experiences of those who have written JAMB before and UTME tutorial teachers, there is evidence that JAMB does repeat questions.

However, such repetition shouldn't be expected to be all questions for questions. A few questions can be mixed from different past years to form a new year's exam.

And for the current year UTME, the same questions will be set for all students. However, the system is capable of shuffling the questions in such a way that numbers won't be the same across the computers or for all students.

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