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Will They Check Fingerprints at UTME Venue/Hall?

Fingerprint Biometrics
A student with a minor wound on his finger just asked me if JAMB or CBT centre will check fingerprints before allowing students to enter for UTME.

And if you're in a similar situation or just want to be sure how things will go on the UTME day, you will find my answer helpful too.

Some students, with a malpractice agendum, may equally want to be sure if their machinery can enter halls, for them, without being caught especially if their fingerprints won't be checked.

This post will answer whether your fingerprints will be confirmed or checked during the UTME or otherwise.

JAMB Confirms Candidates' Biometrics Before Exams

At each CBT center, there will be present, the JAMB officials, invigilators, and CBT attendants supervise and run the exams. One such activity is the checking, with machines, the matching of the candidates' fingerprints and photos captured during the JAMB registration.

These activities will be conducted, about 45 minutes before your schedule. This is why you may be advised to be at the venue, about 1 hour, before the papers.

Each candidate will be required to come forth with his or her JAMB exam slip, a paper that will contain, the candidate's photo and other bio-data together with the name of the venue, the date of the exam, and the time.

If all match with the center's, you will be required to be in the queue with other candidates who will be verified too.

The verification will be the cross-checking of the candidate's face, exam slip, photo on the official machine's screen, and confirmation of the fingerprint.

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Problems With Fingerprint on the Exams Date

Usually, JAMB will make special provisions for candidates who might have got accidents (minor or major) with their fingers after the UTME registration and before the exam.

Such provision may change from year to year. However, recently, the board rescheduled such candidates for a separate date and a venue at the board's nearest office

However, from experience, if the accident only affected one of the required fingers, the candidates will still be allowed to write exams, if the other fingers tally.

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For whatever reason you're asking, be informed that JAMB will check individual candidates' fingerprints before being allowed to enter, sit for and write UTME. The verification also includes the photo, venue, date and time matching.

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