Must You Go to JAMB Venue/Hall With COVID-19 Card, Nose Cover? -

Must You Go to JAMB Venue/Hall With COVID-19 Card, Nose Cover?

COVID-19 Vaccination Card
Having heard, in the news or from friends that JAMB is requesting candidates to visit its offices only if they are ready to observe the COVID-19 protocol among which is the presentation of their vaccination cards and use of nose covers/face masks, some candidates are skeptical too, as to whether they must go for their UTME with the same requirements.

I'd recently established and reaffirmed that JAMB truly insisted that candidates, visiting any of its branches, for any issues or registrations, must use nose covers and present their COVID-19 vaccination cards.

But there is confusion to clear, using this post. Below is what each candidate, going for his/her UTME, should know about the use of a nose cover/face mask and the presentation of the COVID-19 vaccination cards.

JAMB Doesn't Compulsory Face Masks/Nose Covers For UTME Candidates at JAMB Venues

When going for the UTME, you're not required by the board to come along with your nose cover/face mask.

This requirement is strictly for candidates going to JAMB offices for some registrations and attention to some issues.

However, if you're posted to a JAMB office for your UTME, that is, you're writing your UTME within the board's premises, it may be wise to go with your nose cover or face mask, at least.

Don't forget that these requirements were originally made for visitors (including candidates) to the JAMB offices.

However, if you go to your UTME venue with a nose cover/face mask, it's allowed and commended, for your own safety. Those who don't go with that, won't be sanctioned either.

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JAMB Doesn't Compulsory COVID-19 Vaccination Card at UTME Venues

Similar to the use of a nose cover and face mask, a COVID-19 vaccination card is not a requirement to sit for UTME.

Candidates, generally, are not required to go to their exam centers with any other papers other than their exam slips and pencils.

The exam slips to do their physical verification and the pencil, should they need to do some calculations at the back of such a paper or put down some details for attendance.

Of course, JAMB doesn't announce that you should not come with the card. Yet, since you won't need it, it will be wise not to go with it to avoid losing it.

While some parents were worried about the misunderstanding and mistaking the JAMB office safety protocol with the UTME venues safety protocol, Premium Times has reported that the board has ruled out ‘mandatory’ COVID-19 vaccination for candidates.


Candidates seeking admission should understand that the use of nose masks/face masks and the presentation of the vaccination card are strictly for candidates visiting the board's offices rather than the CBT centers or UTME venues.

While it's compulsory for the former, it's optional for the latter.

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