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I Submitted UTME But JAMB Still Rescheduled Me, Why?

Some students were able to complete their UTME. They submitted successfully after writing the CBT. However, they still got an SMS that they were rescheduled for the UTME. Why? What should they do? Was it an error or they must retake the exam?

These and more are the questions the post will answer including what will be the effect if they don't take any action regards the rescheduled SMS.

The Message Emanated From JAMB Truly

In case, you're wondering if the SMS rescheduling you for the exams, after having already successfully written one and submitted it, came from JAMB or not, yes, it's from the board.

No doubt about it, the board would send SMS to all candidates or some candidates of CBT centers that reported errors or technical itches during the CBT.

What could still be confusing is that since you're not affected by any technical issues, why would JAMB still require your presence, at the center for another exam?

If JAMB Deem It Fit, They Can Reschedule All Candidates

As a matter of fact, if JAMB deems it necessary to recall or reschedule all students of a particular center to retake their UTME, they can. And it won't matter if some were able to complete and submit their tests. 

For example, a center reported that 70% of their candidates were affected by a power outage and an Internet connection. With this report, JAMB may decide to call all students, including the 30 % that were able to submit. This may be in their own interest too.

Similarly, for reasons best known to the board, there may be a need to reschedule some candidates even though they completed and submitted the tests without any complaint.

You Should Go For the Reschedule Notwithstanding

Whether you face some technical issues on your UTME day or not, if you're rescheduled for the UTME, make sure you go for the test.

In fact, it's a must that you go because the board won't recognize your first exam or attempt. Once, rescheduled, they will only recognize the second attempt.

Failure to Go For Reschedule, Means No UTME Was Done

As earlier noted, if you don't go on the new date, you're not going to be recorded as a participant in the year's UTME. And there won't be any results for you.

A parent, one Mr. Ernest Eze, recently lodged a complaint on this issue and the board's response was of no different to what I've covered so far.

My daughter's 2023 jamb result was yet to be released. She wrote and submitted successfully, at Elele, Rivers State. Complaint tckt No:230602-6FN75T. Pls release her result, pass or fail. Student of Faith Academy, Portharcourt. 

JAMB noted that the poor girl was rescheduled which she never showed up for.

Your daughter was rescheduled for supplementary UTME on 6th May, 2023, did she write the rescheduled examination?

As you could see she wrote the exam, completed and submitted it. Yet, JAMB rescheduled her for reasons best known to the board. She didn't go to rewrite on the scheduled day.


it can be frustrating for students who have successfully completed and submitted their UTME exams to receive an SMS notifying them of a rescheduled exam. However, it is important to understand that if JAMB deems it necessary to recall or reschedule all students of a particular center, they have the authority to do so. Technical issues or errors reported by other candidates may warrant such rescheduling, even if some individuals were able to complete their exams.

If you receive a rescheduled SMS from JAMB, it is crucial that you comply and report for the rescheduled exam. JAMB will only recognize the second attempt, and failure to participate in the rescheduled exam will result in no UTME being recorded for you. It means that your first attempt, even if successfully completed, will not be considered, and there will be no results for you.

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