Can I Obtain a Post UTME/DE Form Without UTME/DE?

Can I still Obtain a University Post DE if I Don’t Obtain JAMB DE Form?
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I keep getting calls from applicants who wish to gain admission into various universities. They want to know if they can obtain universities’ post UTME or Post DE forms without necessarily obtaining the JAMB UTME or Direct entry form.

Let’s break this down.

This set of admission seekers seems to know that JAMB sells DE forms for aspirants who want to proceed to universities' 200 levels through Direct Entry. The same board sells forms to candidates seeking admissions into 100 levels through JAMB UTME. Yet, they want to know if it is possible to still gain UTME/DE admissions without buying the UTME/DE form being sold by the matriculation board.

Do you get that?

This post will explain that. We’ll know if it’s possible or not. We’ll as well clear some misunderstandings.

Is Direct Entry an Admission Without JAMB?

What most candidates understand by Direct Entry admission is an offer that doesn’t involve JAMB. 


UTME gives admissions into the full-time programmes of any university, polytechnic, or college of education. DE gives admission into 200 level programme of a university. DE is open to you only if you’ve already completed programmes such as ND, NCE, HND, Bsc, IJMB, JUPEB, NABTEB Advanced, or Cambridge A’level.

Do you get that?

In other words, if you’re seeking DE admission, you will not just have SSCE, you must also have one of the above-mentioned qualifications. 

If you want to gain admission into a polytechnic or college of education without JAMB, what you need is called daily part-time or regular part-time form. Some schools also call that direct admission forms. See the Difference Between DPT, DPP and FT Programmes?

But in this context, Direct entry is for 200-level admission into universities. 

That’s misconception number one!

Do I Still Need to Obtain JAMB UTME Before DE Admission?


You don’t need UTME again.

JAMB only requires those who are seeking admission through DE to obtain the form called “Direct Entry (DE)” being sold by JAMB.

Such candidates will also register at a CBT centre of choice and select at least one university or two he is interested in.

Unlike the UTME candidates, you won’t need to write any exams (UTME) before being offered admission into those universities. The proposed universities will offer admissions based on your performance in O’level and the A’level programme grade e.g. distinction, Upper Credit, Merit, 9 points, etc.

That’s misconception two!

Now to the main question…

Can I Obtain a University Post UTME/DE if I Don’t Obtain JAMB UTME/DE Form?

Having said that you must obtain JAMB UTME before 100-level full-time admission into a university, polytechnic, or college of education and a JAMB DE form before proposing any university 200-level admissions, some candidates are still sceptical that, won’t be possible to just buy the entrance post-DE or screening forms of such institutions and be offered admissions through that?

Sorry to disappoint you, but it’s not possible!

Most candidates have missed JAMB UTME/DE registration and they’re not sure if the form will still be reopened this year. As a result, they’re thinking, they can just obtain the Post UTME/DE form and see if they would be offered admission.

RecommendedHow to Buy Post UTME (DE)/Screening Form Online

As a matter of fact, both JAMB and schools are in charge of offering admissions now not ONLY your proposed institutions. Yes, all that your proposed universities do is conduct post-UTME/DE and recommend you as their passed candidates for JAMB. The board will then offer you admission on behalf of the institution.

Having said that, you won’t be offered admission except your record is already with JAMB in the first place.

However, if you’re thinking you don’t want JAMB before being offered admission into your proposed course at that university, consider any of these universities that will offer you admission for Direct entry or 100 level without JAMB DE.

Those universities run several other programmes that will take you out of this mess.


Don’t misunderstand direct entry as an admission offered directly by a school without involving JAMB. No. You still need JAMB for full-time UTME and DE admissions.

If a candidate must avoid JAMB before UTME/DE admission, he will have to go for admission through Degree Part-Time, Sandwich programmes, National Open University, Distance Learning, etc.

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