How Many Hours Are Given for JAMB UTME Questions? -

How Many Hours Are Given for JAMB UTME Questions?

UTME time
A series of questions are being asked lately about JAMB. One such is, how many hours will JAMB set or allow for UTME?

Prospective admission seekers, writing UTME, want to know how long they will answer UTME at their CBT centers. Do CBT centers give enough time or there is a specific time across all CBT centers for the exam?

Knowing this will help you prepare for the computer-based test and set yourself up for the time frame that will be given for the JAMB exam.

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How Many Hours Will Be Given to Write UTME?

JAMB specifically gives candidates 2 hours to write UTME. This exam time is given to answer or attempt all the questions to be set for the four subjects registered.

With a total of 180 questions i.e English 60, and 40 in each of the other three subjects, every UTME taker is expected to work within the time frame of 2 hours to answer all.

It doesn't matter whether you're sitting for English, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry or yours is English, Economics, Government, and Accounting, all candidates have only 2 hours irrespective of the subject combination or course proposed.

How to Utilize the Given 2 Hours to Answer All the JAMB UTME Questions

There is probably no way the time given will be enough to answer all your questions, especially for candidates having about two calculation-based subjects in their combinations.

Yet, very many candidates, in the past, had been able to squeeze their time to answer all their questions and made it through within the official 2 hours. In fact, some still have more time left before the time-lapse.


My post, "How to Solve the 3 Types of Questions in JAMB UTME", is a comprehensive breakdown of how to divide all 180 UTME questions into bonus questions, 50/50 questions, and God's questions.

Doing that will help you save time when others will be wasting their invaluable minutes. The tricks, shared in that post, should help you have a few minutes left to cross-check the chosen answers before the final submission.

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Two Hours Can Be More than Enough For Some Smart Students

Being smart in exams is different from being brilliant. You're smart if you know questions you should pay more attention to and spend more time with at expense of a few other questions.

JAMB questions don't get you the same score. While some questions may give you 3 or 2 marks, some are just 1 - especially in English.

Won't it be smart if you know how to spot those that will give you more marks than those that may not help your overall score much?

This is why I give you the official explanation of how JAMB will mark this year's UTME and grade you. The post shows why you should give some questions more attention than others considering the time constraint.

Similarly, if you check, "How to Study UTME Questions To Score 270+ in This Year's UTME", you will about the power of practicing JAMB past questions while working within the time frame of the live test.

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JAMB only allows each UTME student to spend 2 hours irrespective of the course proposed and subject combination. The time is not given per subject. Rather it's for the four subjects altogether. A candidate can spend more time on one than the others - he should just answer all within 2 hours.

While this duration may not be enough, in most cases, some students will still have a few minutes left unused if they know how well to approach things - using the clues that are already discussed above.

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