What is the Start/End Date to Print JAMB Exam Slip?

After JAMB registration is the exam. To sit for the exams, you need the exam slip. And now it's time to print the exam slip, for how long will the portal for that be open?

Yes, you know candidates are already printing the JAMB slips to know their exam dates, time, and venue. But for one reason or the other, you can't print immediately. Then, you need to ask if there is any deadline for the reprinting of the slips.

This post will discuss the time given to candidates to print the UTME slips, the possible closing date, and related matters.

Candidates Can Print Their Exam Slips From The Day One To The Last Exam Day

Usually, JAMB exam slips reprint starts, a few days before the exam. It's safe to say a week (we've seen 3/4 days in the past though) before the exam.

This time frame will give students who will need to travel long distances to prepare for the journey and meet up as scheduled.

Starting from this day one, you're allowed to continually be printing or reprinting exam slips till the end of all schedules for that year.

In other words, the exam slip printing portal will remain open till the final set of students writes JAMB for that year.

For example, if the schedule for a year is for one week or two, the printing portal will be active and open for that week(s).

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Though You Should Print Before the Exam Day One

If for any reason you can't print on the day one the portal is opened, make sure you print at least a day before the first schedule or paper. 

The reason for this is not farfetched. If you don't print before the exam day one, your schedule may fall to that very day. Hence, printing on that very day may lead to missing your paper. 

Now, imagine printing a day later than your own schedule. That's the campaign after the election! And if you read, "If I Miss UTME Exam, Will JAMB Reschedule?", you won't like the answer.

In short, if there is a week or a few days before the first papers, print within this period.

The Exam Slip Portal May Remain Active After All Exams

Even after completing the entire UTME schedule for a year, candidates can still reprint the slip, in case they misplace or lose the earlier one printed.

Yes, that portal usually remains active far beyond the final exam schedule. JAMB is aware that candidates may need to reprint the slip in order to retrieve their JAMB registration number or for any other use.

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