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Do JAMB Offices Open on Weekend or After 4pm?

There are times you need it to visit the JAMB office for an admission-related concern. Possibly, to convert UTME to DE, correct data, do JAMB regularization, etc., you may have no other choice than to use the services of the nearest JAMB.

But what if you don't have time during the working days or during the working hours? Yes, Monday to Friday is generally acceptable to be the working days. While 8am to 4pm is generally acceptable for the working hours of these working days.

What if you can't make it within this period? Can JAMB still attend to you on weekends? What if you only have time between 5pm to 6/7pm? Will the officials still attend to you within that hours?

Well, let's talk about this.

JAMB Working Days and Hours Remain  Monday to Friday From 8am to 4 pm

Just like any other government parastatals and offices, JAMB working hours will not extend beyond 4pm on all Mondays to Fridays. 

As a result, you don't have to take your time with the thinking that you can still be attended to on Saturday or Sunday or hours beyond 4pm.

In fact, if you've booked an appointment with JAMB earlier (though not compulsory), they might possibly give you a day between Monday and Friday and within the working hours as earlier mentioned.

With that, you'd have realized there is no manipulation possible to make them attend to you on Saturday or Sunday or hours after 4pm.

Similarly, don't expect any JAMB office to be open on public holidays not to say attend to you on such a day. 

Public holidays such as Christmas, New Year, Eid Kabir, Eid Fitr, and so on, as long as they're given to all other government workers will be after JAMB official too.

You Can Use the Service of a Private CBT Centre and Cafes For Some Activities During the Weekend or After 4pm

Not all activities are assigned to the JAMB office. In fact, if you take activities as the change of institutions/courses to their offices, they're likely to refer you to any CBT center around them. They only handle other corrections other than changes of institutions and courses.

Similarly, cases like linking emails to the JAMB portal can be done at any CBT center. Resetting the JAMB portal password can be done at CBT centers or cafes.

In short, confirm if whatever you want to do at the JAMB office equally be achieved at a café or CBT center. If yes, if you don't have time during the working days or hours, these centers especially private will work on Saturdays and can work till late in the evening.

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