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When Will JAMB Regularization Start or Close?

JAMB Regularization Starting Date
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When you ask if the JAMB regularization or JAMB late application is out or what will be the closing date, I see someone:

  1. who was offered admission into a university, polytechnic, or college of education but not through JAMB UTME/DE,
  2. who has completed a part-time ND or NCE programme but wishes to further to BSC through the JAMB Direct entry form
  3. who has completed the HND or BSC but for the purpose of NYSC mobilization will need to regularize his or her admission with JAMB

Whichever is your case, you will want to know whether it's time to register for the JAMB regularisation or you need to wait till a particular date of the year. And if the form is already out, when it's likely to close.

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JAMB Regularization Starting Date

There is no specific starting date when JAMB regularization or late application will commence. The form is all-year-round available for the concerned candidates. Hence, you can initiate the application at any time of the year.

However, because of the parties involved, there could be a delay in the registration until all mechanisms seem ready to favor the processes. 

For example, to regularize your admission, you need the services of:

  1. an accredited CBT center or JAMB office where you'll register online and be given the "indemnity form" after the online submission
  2. the initiating institution e.g the polytechnic, college of education, etc that you will submit the indemnity form to, then sign and forward to JAMB
  3. JAMB headquarters Abuja will look into your application and approve or reject it.

Now, there will be a delay in your registration and/or approval if any of these parties is not available or not in session. 

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Let's see the cases we witnessed in the 2020 JAMB regularization or late application exercise.

  1. While institutions were locked down, those schools weren't available to accept the indemnity forms from candidates for signing and submission to the JAMB headquarters.
  2. At a time, a few schools resumed attending, but very many CBT centers were not available for the registrations in the first place
  3. There was actually a time when JAMB offices would tell the candidates to wait till academic activities resume nationwide before processing their JAMB late applications (regularization).

Therefore, even though there was no particular date, day, or month when JAMB regularization would start yearly, delays in academic activities and related cases may force you to wait till the atmosphere is favorable.

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JAMB Regularization Doesn't Close

In case you're worried that the exercise may end any time sooner, I have good news for you. JAMB regularization never closes. As earlier noticed, it's a year-round activity. So, no closing date.

However, since you will need it for specific activities such as Direct entry application, NYSC registration, etc., you should do yours at the right time in order to buy enough time for the processes involved. 

Don't forget that after the online application, at the CBTE center, you have to submit it to the institution you attended or attending. They will also sign it and send it to the JAMB office in the state. And from there to the Abuja office. This may take a few days or weeks. It may also be delayed further at the headquarters before the final approval if not eventually rejected.

Hence, being earlier is better. These activities may take a few months.

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  1. When will jamb regularization start for 2017 candidates

    1. The best way to follow-up on that s to go to the JAMB office for enquiries.

  2. I registered for regularization with my olevel print out uploaded on their portal last year, can I go back to re upload my original olevel cert?

  3. Good evening sir please I finished my ND in kwara poly and I have gained admission for HND in another school and I want to do jamb regularization once I collect the form that will be given to me to the my school is it the current school I will take it or my formal school cuz I am confused

  4. Sir, Can regularization be done twice?

    1. Yes. Read the post below.


  5. Hello sir,I trying to apply for DE but when the jamb no is inputted an error massage says you are not given admission. Meanwhile I had graduated and done my NYSC years ago.please what can I do to enable submit the DE application before the closing date.

    1. Follow the guide in the post below.


  6. Sir pls what and what do I need to go with to the jamb office before doing the regularization.

    1. In the post below, you will find all you need to to take the JAMB office for the regularization application, https://www.schoolcontents.info/2021/08/informationpayment-needed-to-fill-jamb.html

  7. Good evening sir
    I registered for jams direct entry but during the registration jamb cap was showing that I wasn’t given admission
    So I was told I need jamb regularization and since then I’ve been going to their office at ikoyi Lagos buh they keep telling d portal hasn’t been opened for 2016 candidates upward,pls how do I go abt it

    1. You can register for JAMB part-time option alternatively. The use the same processes. Read the post below.



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