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When Will Original O'level Results Get to Schools?

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When seeking admission, one of the required documents is your O'level result. Whether it is from WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, or NBAIS, you'll need this result at the point of JAMB registration or thereafter.

At this early stage of your admission process, you may use the online printout of the result, for example, when uploading result to the JAMB portal, uploading to the school portal, or when presenting it for screening.

However, the original certificate of that result will be required when you're finally offered admission. The proposed or admitting school will ask for a copy of the original result (certificate) during freshers' documentation or bio-data registration.

In case you didn't know, you can't print the original certificate online, except in rare situations. You'll have to collect it from your school. The question now is, 'how soon will the certificate get to your school for collection?'

Let's answer this question and address related concerns.

Your School Will Collect the Original Certificates from the Exam Bodies

In fact, schools are not in a position to issue the original certificates themselves. They are not the exam bodies like WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB. Hence, they are to collect their students' certificates from these exam bodies, keeping them until students come to ask for their certificates.

Don't confuse "a statement of result" with an "original result or certificate". A school issues a statement of result while the exam bodies issue the original result/certificate. A statement of result merely has the result details typed and printed on the letterhead of the school, stamped, and signed by the school's official, e.g., the principal. A certificate doesn't require further touch by the school officials before being handed over to the students.

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Your Certificate Should be Available for Collection Within a Year

While there is evidence that exam bodies such as WAEC, and NECO will make students' certificates available for collection merely three (3) months after the results are released, experience has shown that most schools won't go for the collection until about one year after the exams.

Don't misunderstand that part! It's not 3 months after the papers but 3 months after the exam bodies release the result online for checking. As you must have known, WAEC, NECO and NABTEB release results online for checking merely within the two months after the last paper. So, after this online release, start counting 3 months before you can expect the certificates to be out and released to your school.

In other words, if your school can visit the exam bodies about 90 days after results were released online for printing, they will definitely have them ready for collection. However, it may be wiser to wait a bit longer than that for your schools to have more students to request for certificates. Without high request form students, most schools may delay the collection of those certificates for up to a year.

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You Can't Collect It Yourself from Exam Bodies

Of course, you may be in a hurry to have your certificate. Some students want to relocate or use them for admission processing and might be in haste to get them. They might think, why not visit the WAEC or NECO office and get it? Well, it's not possible.

The system was not designed like that. Exam bodies want schools to hand over their students' certificates to them. It's not only rational, but also ceremonial!

The only set of students who will get their certificates from the exam bodies are private students (i.e., those who took WAEC GCE, NECO GCE, or NABTEB GCE). In fact, the private students for NECO or NABTEB might need to go the exam bodies' offices before they can have their certificates.

Any students who took WAEC May/June, NECO June/July etc., will have to collect theirs through the schools. As for the GCE version, the exam bodies don't attach any particular schools, all candidates will visit the bodies' offices to collect their results or take advantage of the online request.


Obtaining the original certificates from exam bodies for O'level results is a crucial step in the admission process. While online printouts serve temporary needs, schools must collect the authentic certificates within a year for documentation. Students should recognize the distinction between a school-issued statement of result and the official certificate. 

Patience is advised, as schools tend to delay collection until there's a substantial demand. Importantly, individuals cannot personally collect certificates from exam bodies, except for private candidates. Understanding this process ensures a smooth transition from online documentation to possessing the physical proof of academic achievements.

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