Will I Serve at NYSC Without COVID-19 Vaccination?

NYSC is one of the federal organizations that are taking the COVID-19 protocol seriously very recently. The Corps started by instructing the prospective corpers to fill on an online questionnaire called the COVID-19 form.

That form was not primarily meant to force members to take vaccination for COVID-19 before going to camp or serving. It would only let the corps know your vaccination status and understand your knowledge of the pandemic.

As a result of this measure, especially for those who are aware, prospective corps members want to know if it's a must to be vaccinated before they can go camping or serve. Graduates awaiting the clarion call are asking if it's compulsory to take COVID-19 vaccination before they can be mobilized or allowed to camp and serve.

In this post, I will be answering your question and related concerns with enough official references.

It is Compulsory to Take COVID Vaccination Before Going To NYSC

Starting from the 2022 service year, all prospective corps members will not be allowed to camp and partake in the one-year national service unless they're vaccinated against COVID-19.

In order to extend its COVID-19 protocol beyond taking questionnaires online, the National Youth Service Corps had affirmed that no graduates would be allowed to serve without being vaccinated against COVID-19.

According to the NYSC Director-General, Brig.-Gen. Shuaibu Ibrahim, the corps wants to ensure strict adherence to the non-pharmaceutical safety protocols of COVID-19. Hence, starting from the first orientation of the year 2022, all eligible graduates for NYSC must be vaccinated before being able to serve with NYSC.

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How Will They Know If I'm Vaccinated or Otherwise?

At the point of entrance or during orientation screening, each mobilized graduate will be duly checked with the vaccination cards in their hands before being allowed to continue with the orientation.

According to the Director-General, starting from the first orientation in the year 2022, all incoming PCMs will show evidence of vaccination before they will be allowed into the camp for registration.

NYSC boss stated this while addressing the 2021 Batch “C’’ Stream II set of corps members in a virtual meeting.

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Do Corpers Need the Two COVID-19 Jabs Before the Camp

One thing that is yet to be made clear, at the time of this writing, is if prospective corpers will need to complete the two phases/doses of the vaccination before they can be allowed to enter camps.

As a matter of fact, you may need to check this post back for updates on this. 

However, just as for any other government setting or where this vaccination is required, the first jab is the most important and that should assure the Corps, also, that you're in the cause of completing your doses.

Hence, with the first jab, you should be allowed to camp and serve.

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What is the Fate of Unvaccinated Graduates

Except if there will be a particular consideration or on-camp vaccination for them, unvaccinated graduates are likely to be sent back at the entrance to the orientation camps.

If affected, you're to go back for the vaccination and await revalidation for the next camping.

On the next camp, you may be posted to the same state/camp or any other as the corps may determine right. And you can voluntarily defer your camping and service till the next stream or batch.

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