Can I Use Court Affidavit at CBT Center or JAMB Office? -

Can I Use Court Affidavit at CBT Center or JAMB Office?

When you face issues such as wrong names or dates of birth on your NIN, JAMB, WAEC, or NECO, you'll be seeking a way out of the mess. Some students had been told that they could use a court affidavit.

Yes, I once stated the same in my post, "Can I Use Court Affidavit for Admissions and Jobs?", even though I affirmed that should be your last resort as it's not widely accepted these days.

A few students have contacted me stating that they would like to correct their names and dates of birth before they register for UTME or DE at all, so they won't be facing any issues during the post-UTME or after being offered admission.

As such, they're proposing taking a court affidavit to CBT centers if they can use that to correct their wrong names or dates of birth during the registration. Some DE applicants are thinking the same, though in their cases, they want to take a court affidavit to JAMB offices so the board can correct the errors for them during registration.

How practical is this approach? Let's talk about this in this post.

CBT Centre Doesn't Correct Names, Dates of Birth with Court Affidavits

First, CBT centers are not free from JAMB's control. The board is in charge of their activities. Hence, they strictly follow the directive given by the board.

As a result, the directive given to the CBT centers is not to use court affidavits in helping candidates solve issues of errors in names and dates of birth. The centers are strictly required to instruct applicants to firstly correct their names with the NIMC before proceeding with the UTME registration.

With this, any registration submitted by the CBT centers can't be edited again if you're having concerns about any of names, state/local government, gender, and dates of birth. Any other data including schools and courses can still be corrected before or after JAMB. Whereas, subject combination for UTME can still be corrected a few weeks before the mock exam.

JAMB Offices Don't Honor Court Affidavit Too

Whether you're trying to register for UTME or DE (which must be done at JAMB offices), the board will require you to follow the same directive detailed above. JAMB won't welcome a court affidavit for correction of names, date of birth, state/LGA, or gender at its office.

Of course, you can correct these data at the offices, but during the registration, you must have done the same correction at NIMC before going for the final registration, during which the board will correct the same data for you.

In other words, correct at NIMC first, not with a court affidavit. Then, follow by the correction at the JAMB office - all before the registration and submission.


The key takeaway is that court affidavits are not accepted by CBT centers or JAMB offices for correcting errors in names, dates of birth, state/local government, or gender on official documents like NIN, JAMB, WAEC, or NECO. Candidates are required to correct such errors with the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) before proceeding with their UTME or Direct Entry (DE) registration. This process ensures that all corrections are made in accordance with the guidelines set by JAMB and the NIMC, facilitating a smoother registration process and avoiding potential issues during or after examination periods.

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