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Does NYSC Certificate Show Date of Birth?

NYSC certificates
There have been questions around the dates of birth and serving at NYSC. For example, it's a problem to be over-age if you must hear the clarion's call. It's equally a problem to see your date of birth is wrongly entered for the NYSC.

Whereas, your fate is obvious even if you're a day above 30. You have to give in to the exemption certificates instead. 

Whereas, in other cases, your date of birth won't hinder you from serving if wrongly entered. This is because it may not be serious notwithstanding if the total is still not up to 30. 

Who will like his or her date of birth to be wrongly shown on his credentials even though it won't stop you from serving?

And when you think you don't have anything to do with that, you still want to consider the possibility of that date appearing on your NYSC certificate. In other words, even though the wrong date of birth will not stop you from serving, what if it's written on your certificate?

Now, your question is so direct. Will the date of birth be on the NYSC certificate? Will your discharge certificate, exemption certificate, or exclusion letter bear the date of birth?

NYSC Certificate Now Bears Copers' Dates of Birth

In recent years, before 2020 specifically, NYSC discharge certificates would bear neither dates of birth nor ages of the corp members. However, from that year, your certificate will clearly show your date of birth.

This discharge certificate is for 216 and it doesn't display the date of birth

If you get access to any of the most recent NYSC certificates, you should see the dates of birth appearing right below the passport photographs of the discharged corpers.

According to NYSC, the inclusion of the corps' dates of birth on their discharge certificates is a further step toward curtailing age falsification. 

We have decided to include the date of birth on the certificate of national service and exclusion letter. This is just as in the case of the WAEC certificate and the NYSC Exemption Certificate. We also plan to carry out advocacy to encourage other examination bodies to adopt the same approach.

NYSC Exemption Certificates and Exclusion Letters Will Bear Date of Birth

Similar to the discharge certificate, the NYSC exemption certificate and exclusion letter will equally bear the dates of birth of the recipients.

As a reminder, an exemption certificate is for the over-aged graduates i.e once you're above 3, you're subjected to an exemption certificate instead of being able to go for service and be awarded a discharge certificate. An exclusion letter is issued to graduates who are graduated on a part-time, distance-learning, or sandwich basis whether over-age or not.

This is a 2021 exclusion letter showing the date of birth

If you belong to this category of graduates, you may be wondering if your date of birth will be on the exemption certificate or exclusion letter

Yes, it will.

The same fate across the board. Whether you serve or are exempted or excluded, expect your dates of birth to be on your discharge certificate, exemption certificate, and exclusion letter respectively.

Will It Matter for Jobs or Other Purposes If the Date of Birth is Wrong?

One reason, you could be worried about your NYSC discharge certificate bearing your date of birth is for job purposes or any future academic pursuit.

For if the date of birth is wrong on it, the date will be different from that on your other documents such as on the birth certificate or age declaration, NECO or WAEC results, and similar other documents.

As a matter of fact, if you have the chance to correct your date of birth using the prescribed method by NYSC, that should help. Using the WAEC verification PIN method will let the service use the date of birth on your WAEC to replace the one on your NYSC which is supposed to appear on the discharge certificate.

However, if that won't be possible, you shouldn't panic if you can understand the following:

  1. NYSC certificate is not superior to your birth certificate or age declaration certificate if any organization will need to confirm your date of birth or age.
  2. NYSC certificate's date of birth will, of course, display the date used on your JAMB or JAMB regularization which is possible to be incorrect compared to the one on your WAEC or NECO result
  3. Using or attaching court affidavits with the concerned documents, when presented, is still recognizable to clarify the conflict if you have to convince any organization that it's JAMB and NYSC error
  4. Where the affected part of the date of birth is just the day or month, it may not be that significant for any decision making compared to when it affects the year of birth especially if it's a wider margin.

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