How to Correct Names, Date of Birth, Course on NYSC -

How to Correct Names, Date of Birth, Course on NYSC

NYSC Change of Date of Birth and Wrong Course of Study: See Procedures (How to Apply)
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When you have issues with your date of birth while going for NYSC, it may have a series of effects that may not be pleasing eventually.

One such effect is, it may lead to over-age (more than 30 years) which disallows NYSC to mobilize you for the one-year national service scheme.

Graduates should, also, be curious to get all their information to align with one another because of what may crop up in the future such as screening, appointments, etc.

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This is just the right guide to correct your date of birth if you've been mobilized but noticed a mistake in the date of birth. Included here is also the process to follow to correct the wrong course of study sent to NYSC by your school.

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Official NYSC Correction of Date of Birth Guide

The new procedure for the PCM is to Submit a request for correction of the date of birth following the following steps
  1. Log in to your dashboard and click on the link to Date of Birth
  2. Enter WAEC Verification PIN, select WAEC Type, Year of exam and enter your Examination Number; and
  3. Click on Verify button
  4. Click SUBMIT

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  1. What NYSC will eventually do after the submission is to verify the date of birth used during your WAEC registration and use that date of birth instead.
  2. WAEC verification card contains a PIN produced by WAEC to verify a WAEC May/June or WAEC GCE candidate's submitted details while registering with the exams body.
  3. This card is different from WAEC online result checker.
  4. You can buy this PIN at various WAEC offices or designated banks across the nation. You can also call or text me to buy (08065152292). Check the price of the WAEC Verification card and buy it right away here.
  5. Using this method for the correction of date of birth may only work for WAEC candidates only.

Official Correction of Course of Study Guide

The procedure to change the Course of Study is
  1. Login to your dashboard
  2. Click on the link for Correction of Course of Study;
  3. Select a Course of Study; and
  4. Click SUBMIT

The change to the course of study may not reflect immediately as the body may need to contact your institution for confirmation.

NYSC Stops Correction of Date of Birth After the Completion of the Service

There shall be no correction of Date of Birth on the Certificate of National Service (CNS) after completion of National Service. Accordingly, you are strongly advised to utilize the link provided on your dashboard for Date of Birth correction during your online registration

Also, note that NYSC will not entertain any request for Date of Birth correction once you have been deployed and commenced your service year.

Official NYSC Correction/Change of Names Guide

To correct or change your names on the NYSC portal, follow the steps below.
  1. Visit and log in to your NYSC dashboard
  2. On the dashboard, locate "If the name shown above is incorrect", and click on "Apply for Change of Name" next to that. 
  3. There are four options to choose from to correct the mistake. They are:
  • Do you want Name Addition?
  • Do you want Name Removal?
  • Do you want to correct the spelling errors?
  • Do you want Name Rearrangement?

  1. You are required to supply the correct name. This will go through the due approval process. NYSC will contact your school to be sure the error emerged from them or you're just trying to manipulate things yourself.
  2. After the correction and submission, you have to wait for a few days or weeks for the official approval. Once approved, you will see the changes in the names on your dashboard.
  3. Corps members who applied, for the change of names, before the printing of the call-up letters may see that reflected on the letter, so they can reprint the green card too. Those who apply during the service year should expect that to reflect on the dashboard and on their final discharged certificates.

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  1. Sir,in my jamb caps and uniben kofa,l.g.a is showing Esan-West but my L.G.A certificate and l.G.A affidavit is for Igueben.Will this affect my uniben clearance???

    1. It will. You JAMB details must conform with your other credentials.

    2. How do I rectify this issue?

    3. Get the correct documents or go to JAMB office and change your data.

  2. For the waec clearance of dob of nysc, can I use neco?

    I don't know if the process has changed.

  3. Please I'm mobilize for nysc now want reduce my age, if my JAMB number was changed directly, can it be reflected on my nysc portal before next batch (B) for registration?

    Because had it been I register for A Stream 2 I will be excepted because of the age.

    Thank you

    1. How don't know about how to change JAMB number. So, I can't answer your question.

  4. Good evening sir.
    Actually I did jamb regularization and was approved successfully. The problem is, in the process I gave jamb three names instead of two names of which all my documents are carrying two names. I twas approved and when ahead with the printout. I have submitted it to my school. Hope it won't affect me on Nysc?
    Awaiting your anticipated response sir.

    1. No it won't affect NYSC. NYSC only uses the names sent by schools. The only thing they will take from JAMB is the date of birth

  5. Good day sir. Please I'm a foreign graduate and I earlier registered for nysc in 2017 but couldn't complete registration because I didn't have some valid documents. Now I continued the process and uploaded all valid documents but whenever I login to my dashboard it still shows me that I've not been mobilised cos I haven't uploaded some valid documents plus I had to file for a change of course which has been pending since Friday. Please what do I do or how long do I wait. Thanks

    1. They will update things before the call-up letters are loaded.

  6. Good day! Ejeme Henry Umama is my name, I'm a serving corp member. By God's grace, I will be passing out by October and I just discovered the wrong entry of my date of birth on my dashboard, they wrote 17/03/1995 instead 21/03/1995. What should I do to effect this correction please?

  7. Good day sir
    Am having issues due to incorrect name on my call up letter
    Can someone apply for correction of name during Revalidation in batch C stream 1 or 2

    1. Yes, as long as the link to do that is still active on your dashboard.

  8. My date of birth ought to be 1/4/1995 but my and my waec yr matched but my sch sent 1/2/1990 on the nysc portal senate list I completed my online nysc registration before I noticed 13th of the same month and I rectify it that same day I got a mail the next day saying it has been approved and treated but it has not reflected on my dashboard this morning I saw your exemption certificate has been printed and it will be sent to your sch I did the necessary before now pls sir what the way forward

    1. If it was truly approved, it should equally reflect on your NYSC dashboard. If otherwise, there is another mix-up somewhere possibly. In this case, you may need to write NYSC following of the possible channels in the post below.

  9. Good afternoon sir.sir, the name in my OND and Hnd is the same.but my jamb is having 3 names although is my name.but the middle name is not in others. Only the jamb have it. Can it affect me during nysc registration pls sir I want to know


  10. Good day,

    I received your email informing me that my request to modify my NYSC date of birth had been approved and instructing me to log in to my dashboard to verify my updated mobilization status.

    But I still see an exemption notice on my dashboard.

    Attached are the screenshots of the approved email received and the dashboard for your perusal and necessary action.

    Best regards.

    Adetunji Azeez Olaide

  11. Good evening sir pls the course I did in my OND is not the same as the one I did in my HND Hope this will not affect my registration in NYSC camp

  12. Good day sir, I am writing my final year examination now but am already 29 this month ,please can still go for service

  13. Good day sir, my registration number was wrongly placed on the NYSC senate list sent by my school and since then I am been going to my school for correction and they said they’ve sent a letter to NYSC that I can go for service and that it’ll reflect on the portal but for over three months now it hasn’t reflected. I’ve even sent a message to NYSC through their email. Please I want to know if there’s something else you think I should do about this.

  14. Good morning sir,pls I have been unable to do my registration since 2016, due to wrong course of study on the my dashboard portal and not able to proceed with the next registration page.

  15. Good evening everyone pls,it is a matter of urgency,making attempt to register,it indicate my jamb reg is used pls what can I do to rectify the issue
    My school is not turning up
    Pls help a sister

  16. Pls help me out


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