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NYSC Change of Course and Date of Birth: How to Apply

NYSC Change of Date of Birth and Wrong Course of Study: See Procedures (How to Apply)
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When you have issues with your date of birth while going for NYSC, it may have a series of effects that may not be pleasing eventually.

One such effect is, it may lead to over-age (more than 30 years) which disallows NYSC to mobilize you for the one-year national service scheme.

Graduates should, also, be curious to get all their information to align with one another because of what may crop up in the future such as screening, appointments etc.

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This is just the right guide to correct your date of birth if you've been mobilized but you noticed a mistake in the date of birth. Included here is also the process to follow to correct the wrong course of study sent to NYSC by your school.

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Official NYSC Correction of Date of Birth Guide

The new procedure for the PCM is to Submit a request for correction of date of birth following the following steps
  • Login to your dashboard and click on the link to Date of Birth
  • Enter WAEC Verification PIN, select WAEC Type, Year of exam and enter your Examination Number; and
  • Click on Verify button
  • Click SUBMIT

  1. What NYSC will eventually do after the submission is to verify the date of birth used during your WAEC registration and use that date of birth instead.
  2. WAEC verification card contains PIN produced by WAEC to verify a WAEC May/June or WAEC GCE candidate's submitted details while registering with the exams body.
  3. This card is different from WAEC online result checker.
  4. You can buy this PIN at various WAEC offices or designated banks across the nation. You can also call or text me to buy (08077155623)
  5. Using this method for the correction of date of birth may only work for WAEC candidates only.

Official Correction of Course of Study Guide

The procedure to change the Course of Study is
  • Login to your dashboard
  • Click on the link for Correction of Course of Study;
  • Select Course of Study; and
  • Click SUBMIT

The change to the course of study may not reflect immediately as the body may need to contact your institution for confirmation. 

There shall be no correction of Date of Birth on Certificate of National Service (CNS) after completion of National Service. Accordingly, you are strongly advised to utilize the link provided on your dashboard for Date of Birth correction during your online registration

Also, note that NYSC will not entertain any request for Date of Birth correction once you have been deployed and commenced your service year.

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