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How Long Does JAMB Result Take to Come Out?

JAMB score
You've done your UTME and you're expecting the results to be released. This may call for the question of when will JAMB release the results.

A few candidates waiting to write their UTME also want to know forearmed how long is the waiting period for the results to be out.

This post will not be able to answer your question by being definite but it will share the previous years' cases with you so you can understand how long you should wait for the results to be released.

JAMB Results Won't Be Ready After Submission

Your anxiety might have been raised if a brother or a teacher had told you that you should be able to see your JAMB result immediately after submitting your test.

A few people had said, in the past, that, being a computer-based test, candidates would see their results displayed on the computers after the submissions.

This is not true.

Of course, under normal circumstances, CBT results should be made known on the screen of your computer before leaving the exam hall but JAMB has never allowed that.

Hence, you shouldn't expect that this time. Other CBT and exam bodies may allow you to see the result immediately but never JAMB. The reason is best known to the board anyway.

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No Definite Number of Days of Weeks to Wait

JAMB usually won't announce the date candidates should be expecting their results to be released until the board is certain all things had been done well. They had done otherwise in the past. But with technical issues, the board was unable to meet the announced date.

Hence, the board has been careful in announcing the date the results will be out as soon as they want. Rather, until they're sure there won't be technical interruptions. 

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JAMB, In the Past, Released Results Within 24 Hours

If not for the past technical itches and distractions being caused for awaiting UTME candidates, JAMB could have continued releasing results within 24 hours.

They did that in 2015 and 2017. The development met with serious criticisms as candidates who were still on the schedule were distracted when their colleagues were already seeing their scores.

However, JAMB continually makes attempt to release results within 24 hours of writing your papers. Hence, all things being equal, you should expect the results to be out from 24 hours up to a week or two (as the situation may warrant).

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All Results Will Be Released Within A Month

We may not be able to conclude that 24 hours is the ideal waiting period for the JAMB results. In fact, technically we can't conclude to a week or two.

That time range is only if all things work well with the exam board.

Where there are technical issues and reviews of activities such as in 2018, candidates may need to wait up to a month before they can see their results.

The two weeks may conform with what JAMB did in 2019 - allowing all schedules to be completed and all candidates done with their papers before releasing the results. However, technical delays may force some candidates to wait beyond.

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