Should I Print My JAMB Exam Slip in Color or Black? -

Should I Print My JAMB Exam Slip in Color or Black?

Once the portal for the reprint of the JAMB exam slip is opened, one of the next questions is if it's compulsory to print the slip in color or black? A few students have contacted me asking this among my online readers.

And just a few minutes ago, right here in my office, a student came to print. I had to ask if he wanted it in color or black because I knew what might be going on in his head. He asked for color and was given.

This guy might have the same confusion of whether it should be in color or black like you. So, let's talk about this together here.

JAMB Exam Slip Is Acceptable in Either Color or Black

Don't be confused even if your friends are printing in color. It won't matter. JAMB has never instructed candidates to print in color. If you like, go for color; if you prefer, go for black.

What matters to JAMB is for candidates to print their slips as clearly as possible so that they can easily be read by the officials at the exam center.

When a confused student asked JAMB whether the exam slip should be in color or black, the answers as stated earlier were straightforward.

Ifeoluwa asked, "Should the reprint be printed in colored or black & white?", JAMB's response was "It doesn't matter. What matters is its legibility."

My Professional Advice

Having said you can print in color or black,

  1. Be sure your face shows clearly on the slip.
  2. Information such as date, time, and venue should be very clear on your paper.

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