How to Know If Admission to a School Is Still On? -

How to Know If Admission to a School Is Still On?

If you've been hearing about various schools selling their admission forms over the past few months and you're wondering whether these forms are still on, this guide will help you discern the status of admissions. Schools typically sell these forms for varying durations before closing their application portals.

The duration for selling these forms can range from two weeks to several months. So, how can you ascertain whether a school's post-UTME or screening form is still available for purchase? How can you confirm if admission opportunities are still open?

Likewise, as schools begin to announce their admissions, you might hear success stories from a few fortunate students here and there. Particularly if you're part of WhatsApp or Facebook groups where individuals are sharing their acceptance news, you might start wondering about the timeframe during which the school will continue granting admissions. 

This question becomes more pressing when a school has already released multiple admission lists. Are there more lists to come, or is this the final batch?

In this post, I'll provide insights into effectively determining whether a school's post-UTME/screening form is still available for purchase and whether the admission process for your desired institution, or one you're considering changing to, is still ongoing.

The Best Source of Post UTME/Screening Form Updates is the School Portal

While you can quickly find information about a school's post-UTME/screening form closing date through a Google search, this information might become outdated especially if the school decides to extend the deadline.

Remember, Google doesn't generate content itself. The search engine directs you to websites or blogs where you're likely to find the information you're looking for. This is the number one place students go to as earlier guided in "How to Know If Your School Post-UTME Is On Sale"

However, in some cases, the search engine might not lead you directly to the school's official portal, making it challenging to access accurate closing dates or form sale deadlines. Instead, it might direct you to a blog post written by an individual, which might not be updated even if the school extends its form sales.

Therefore, it's worth reiterating that if you want to confirm whether the admission form for your intended school is still available (even if you've heard rumors or received updates from elsewhere), your first step should be to visit the school's official portal and verify the information.

Identifying a School's Official Portal with ""

Many students turn to Google to find information about schools because they might not know the precise website to visit.

The good news is that this process is straightforward. One approach is to type your school's name into the Google search bar and hit "Search." 

Typically, the school's website will be the first result displayed. Check if the website address ends with If it does, you've found the official portal! Otherwise, be sure you look for that before trusting what you see on the next page.

Regarding the domain, you can also directly input the school's common name into your browser's address bar and add to the end. This action is likely to take you to the official website of your desired school.

For instance, here are some regular names for various schools:

  1. unilorin
  2. unilag
  3. ui
  4. oau
  5. futa
  6. lautech
  7. aaua
  8. eksu
  9. ospoly
  10. oscotech
  11. mapoly
  12. fpo
  13. uniben
  14. unn
  15. abu
  16. unizik
  17. unijos
  18. fupre

As you can see, these are the names you commonly call these schools. To access the official page, simply add "" right after the regular name. Voilà, you've reached the official site.

Now on the website? Look for News Updates on the page to determine the actual closing date for the post-UTME/screening process. Check for bulletins, news flashes, post-UTME/screening updates, and news corners.

Determining if a School is Still Offering Admissions

To determine whether your chosen school or one you're considering changing to is still offering admissions for the year, the best approach is to find out how many admission lists the school has released thus far.

If the post-UTME/screening form is still available for purchase and the school continues to release admission lists, you still have the opportunity to apply and wait for your names to be out too.

The fact that a school has released its first, second, or third admission list doesn't necessarily mean that it won't accept more students. However, you should be reasonably confident that the course you're interested in is not fiercely competitive and that there's a higher chance of being admitted.

It's crucial to note that our schools no longer release lists in batches; they provide admissions to students on an ongoing basis. While certain departments might not have granted admission to any applicants yet, other departments might have admitted a few candidates in recent weeks.

In summary, if a school is still offering admissions, it's wise to ensure that the course you're pursuing is less competitive or that your JAMB score is notably higher (giving you a competitive edge) before you change to that or keep waiting for lists.


The most reliable source of information about whether a school is still selling admission forms, particularly in cases where the deadline might be extended, is the official website. This post has also covered how to navigate to your desired school's website or admission portal.

Official announcements might not always provide clear information about whether a school is still accepting admissions or if the admission process is ongoing. However, if the post-UTME/screening form is still available for purchase, you can proceed with the admission process, even if the school has already admitted students for the year.

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