Can I Register JAMB UTME/DE Myself or at a Café? -

Can I Register JAMB UTME/DE Myself or at a Café?

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One common question by first-timers when it comes to JAMB UTME or DE registration is, "Can I register JAMB at a café or by myself?"

Of course, candidates should be curious to know considering the stress involved in registering at CBT centres or JAMB offices nationwide. And as a matter of fact, some candidates are good enough to handle certain complex registrations online. So, why can't they register the UTME/DE by themselves or with the help of brothers, sisters, or friends?

This post will be concise in answering if you can register JAMB through a café or by yourself or a relative.

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You Can Buy the JAMB Form (e-PIN) at a Café or Yourself

JAMB allows anybody or a business to buy JAMB UTME/DE form (PIN) for prospective applicants. In fact, you can personally visit any accredited online platform e.g. Remita to buy the registration PIN.

In case you're afraid you may not get things done correctly by yourself, you can contact a trusted café around you to procure the JAMB PIN for you. 

These cafes will help you visit the right channels and buy the PIN in your name using your profile code. They may charge you for their services though. Hence, don't expect a café to sell the PIN to you at the face value announced by the board.

To use the service of a café, you must have got or first get your profile code. To do that, you will send an SMS "NIN followed by the 11-digit NIN" to 55019 e.g. NIN 56781234097.

If done right, your line will be debited with #50 and a 10-digit profile code will be sent to you in response. This you will give to the café to help in buying the registration e-PIN.

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You Can't Register JAMB UTME/DE Yourself or Through a Café

JAMB has limited cafes to a few services. Hence, they're prohibited from registering prospective UTME and DE applicants.

As already noted, they can sell PINs, and in addition, guide you on the choices of schools, subject combinations, and courses to consider during the registration. However, they are not allowed to register you.

In fact, in a recent interaction between JAMB and a candidate, JAMB was surprised at a student who was complaining about an error he encountered while trying to register DE. 

According to him, 

I was registering a candidate for DE registration and the portal showed this message after the step of creating a profile for the candidate. Pls advise as registration closes 11th of April 2024

In its response, JAMB asked if he was a board's official to have even initiated the registration in the first placer.

Are you a trained JAMB staff?

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Only the CBT Centres and JAMB Offices Nationwide Register Candidates for UTME and DE

Having established that cafes can't help you register UTME/DE, you must use the service of any of the accredited CBT centres available across the nation no matter the level of stress. JAMB offices can also attend to you in case you're closer to one.

Meanwhile, candidates are not limited to a particular CBT centre or JAMB office. I mentioned this because some candidates believe they could only register with the CBT centres and JAMB offices within their states of origin or of residence.

That's not correct!

What's important is using a CBT centre or JAMB office, it doesn't matter the state, local government, or town of such centres.

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