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Visiting JAMB Portal, You Saw Error 404? See Solutions

A few students complained that they had been seeing error 404 each time they tried to visit the JAMB portal.

I've received the following complaint on the same issue.

I try checking my jamb & I get dis 404 HTTP error.

Another candidate said,

Anytime I check the jamb website, it replies with error 404. Why?

In this post, let's talk about what caused this error and the right solution to it.

404 Error On The JAMB Portal is Technical

You have to understand the basics of this error to get the solution to it right.

A 404 error is an HTTP status code that means the server cannot find the requested resource. It typically occurs when you try to access a webpage or file that does not exist on the server, or when the URL is typed incorrectly.

In simpler terms, it means that the server was unable to retrieve the requested webpage or resource because it doesn't exist or has been moved or deleted. 

The error message you see will typically include the 404 status code and a message like "Page not found" or "The requested URL was not found on this server."

With the explanation above, it could simply mean you're doing something wrong or JAMB has changed a few things that didn't make the visited link unavailable or active to users.

It could be a temporary issue or a permanent one for that matter.

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What To Do If You See Error 404 When Visiting JAMB Portal

One of the two ways-out below will help you get off the error 404 on the JAMB portal or any website for that matter.

1. Check If You're Visiting a Wrong Link

Most students got their links from blogs, WhatsApp groups, Facebook groups, or pages. What they might not know was that the link might no longer be active at the present date.

JAMB usually changes its link from time to time for security and technical reasons. Hence, a link that a blog told you to use in a two-old post may not be working this time.

We both know that WhatsApp and other social media mass messages can contain dead links that if you visit now won't be active for you again.

Hence, in most cases, if the error 404 persists on the JAMB portal, it's likely you're visiting a wrong link or a correct link but lately dead or deleted.

Be sure to use the correct link. For example, if you're trying to log in to the JAMB CAPS or JAMB e-facility, currently, "" is the right link to visit.

Before the link above, "" was the link to the JAMB CAPS or JAMB e-facility. If you try logging in with this now, you're more likely to be greeted with error 404 or similar errors.

2. Use Google To Search for the Right Link

Even though I've given you a link to the JAMB portal, for now, that doesn't mean the new link may not go dead sooner or later.

To save you some headache, if any link is returning error 404, just type the link to Google first. Google will most likely give you the correct format of the link or the updated one instead of the old one.

Then, click that and you'll be given a login page without error 404.

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