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What Certificates Do the Colleges of Health Award?

College Students
Many people are interested in certificates from accredited colleges. What do these certificates actually signify? What are the benefits of attaining one? In this article, we will discuss what certificates the colleges of health award, and provide a few examples of what these certificates might entail.

If you're asking this question, you might have already got the idea of different schools and the certificates being issued. In other words, you're probably already familiar with the awards by universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, innovations enterprise institutions, or schools/colleges of nursing.

And if you don't know the certificates or awards being issued/given by the institutions listed above, let me help.

  1. Universities awards degree usually with different titles such as BSC, B. Tech, B. Agric, BA, etc.
  2. Polytechnics award National Diplomas (ND), Higher National Diploma, and certain advanced diplomas
  3. Colleges of education awarded Nigerian Certificate of Education (NCE) and were affiliated to a university wards degrees e.g. B.Ed.
  4. Innovation Enterprises Institutions (IEI) awards the National Innovation Diploma (NID) which is the equivalent of the National Diploma (ND).
  5. Schools and Colleges of Nursing award Registered Nursing, Registered midwifery, post-basic nursing/midwifery, and other certificate courses or advanced certifications

However, in this post, I will be emphasizing the qualifications, certificates, or awards students will be issued when they graduate from any college of health technology.

But first, let's be sure you understand what a college of health technology or school of health technology is.

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What's a College/School of Health Technology?

These are higher institutions with the statutory responsibilities of offering medical professional courses for the middle-level workforce in the health sector.

These schools are different from colleges/schools of nursing which are though saddled with the training and grooming of health professionals but strictly nurses and midwives.

A college of health can offer as many as possible health-related courses which may include community health extension, nutrition & dietetics, health assistance, laboratory technology, etc.

With that established, what are the qualifications, certifications or awards to be expected if you go to a college of health technology?

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Colleges of Health Technology Awards ND, and HND

Just like the conventional polytechnics (as earlier stated), colleges of health technology run several programmes leading to the award of National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND).

Such courses run for 2 years if national diploma and 4 years if higher national diploma.

For example, if any of the following courses (and more) are offered through JAMB i.e. candidates are admitted through JAMB, they will be national diplomas by awards.

  1. Environmental Health Technician (EHT)
  2. National Diploma Community Health (NDCH)
  3. Dental Health Technology (DHT)
  4. Dental Therapy (DT)
  5. Health Information Management (HIM)

And when completed, and with/without one-year Industrial Training (IT)/SIWES, holders can further to Higher National Diploma and spend another 2 years or cross to university for a degree programme through Direct Entry.

When done with any of these courses and more, the certificate will read. "National Diploma in" or "Higher National Diploma in".

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Colleges of Health Equally Awards Ordinary Certification in Certain Courses

In addition, the colleges also have courses that run for fewer or more years such as 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, or courses as lower as 6 months.

In this case, such courses won't be a national diploma or higher national diploma but certificate courses instead.

For example, a health assistant course is not a national/higher national diploma but rather a certificate programme. Community Health Extension Worker is a three-year course which is equally a certificate course. So also are courses such as Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT), Dental Health Technology, Pharmacy Technology, etc.

When done with any of these courses, the certificate will read "certificate of" e.g. health assistant, dental health technician, etc.

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At this end, we can conclude that colleges/schools of health technology for certain courses will award national and higher national diplomas, especially a course you're admitted into through JAMB.

And for any other course offered by a college, you should expect it to be a certificate course.

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