How Many Years Are Courses in Universities, Polys, Colleges, etc? -

How Many Years Are Courses in Universities, Polys, Colleges, etc?

When seeking admission, depending on your school of choice and the course proposed, you should be willing to know the number of years expected to complete your studies.

In other words, as an admission seeker, you will be good to find out how many years you'll spend on your course if admitted to a university, polytechnic, college of education, school/college of Nursing, College of health technology, innovation enterprises institution, pre-degree program, IJMB/JUPEB and other advance courses, etc.

In this post, I will be detailing the number of years/months for any of the schools and programs above. 

You Will Spend a Minimum of 4 Years in a University

A course with the least years of study, in any university, if admitted for a full-time degree course, will take you at least 4 years.

Courses such as Education (B.ED), management (BSC), and a majority of art courses (B.A) will be 4 years in all. This duration should include the posting for the Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES).

Some courses, however, such as Medicine will take 6 years, Nursing 5 years, Pharmacy 5 years, and Engineering and Agric and/or related 5 years to be completed, on a full-time basis.

If any of the above courses will be attended on a part-time basis, you should add a year extra. Even though Medicine and Pharmacy are generally not offered on a part-time basis, and if Nursing is taken on a part-time basis, it will usually be from the 200-level, with RN/RM as the requirement for such, and that's the only condition degree Nursing can be for 4 years. Any course, on a part-time basis, will be one year more than if done on a full-time basis.

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You Will Spend 2 Years For ND and 2 Years of HND in a Polytechnic

At any polytechnic, you will spend two years on your National Diploma (ND), which is the first phase of polytechnic education. If you choose to proceed to the Higher National Diploma (HND), which is the second phase, you'll spend another 2 years. 

On this note, it's safe to say that polytechnic education will be 4 years. Or five years, if we add the one-year industrial training, which is a requirement before obtaining the HND form or offer.

Similarly, if you attend a polytechnic on a part-time basis, especially the weekend part-time, you'll be forced to spend 3 years on your national diploma and higher national diploma.

If a part-time program is the daily part-time or the direct-form-without-JAMB, you're to spend the same 2 years for either ND or HND, just as the full-time students.

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You Will Spend 3 Years For Basic Nursing and Midwifery

Schools/colleges of Nursing will take you through 3 years of training if you're admitted for Basic Nursing or Basic Midwifery.

Other programs, by schools/colleges of nursing, which may include post-basic nursing or post-basic midwifery and similar certificate and advanced courses may take up to 0ne or two years of your academic life.

However, for the schools/colleges of Nursing, that are running ND/HND in Nursing, the years required for the program will be 4 years just like conversational polytechnics, as earlier mentioned.

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You Will Spend 3 Years at a College of Education

For a college of education, the NCE program, you will spend 3 years. This may be 4 years together if you attend a pre-NCE course.

However, some colleges of education are running degree programs leading to Bachelor of Science in Education (BSC ED). These programs are usually completed in four years like other conventional universities, running BSC (4 years). Apart from this, the main NCE program of any college of education should be 3 years.

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You Will Spend 9 Months For Pre-degree, JUPEB, IJMB, and Other A'levels

If you're going for a pre-degree program, prepare for a year of studies. However, in most cases, the preliminary program only lasts nine (9) months. This program should lead to 100-level admission together with writing JAMB.

Similarly, several A'level programs, including the IJMB, JUPEB, Cambridge A'level, etc. last one year or just 9 months. School-owned diplomas may be up to 2/3 years. These programs lead to 200-level admission without writing JAMB.

You Will Spend 2 Years For Innovation Enterprise Institutions

If you're admitted into an innovation Enterprise Institution, it's very much the same as a polytechnic, where you're expected to bag your NID after two years of studies.

NID of IEIs is equivalent to the ND of a conventional polytechnic. And after the ND, you can proceed to any polytechnic for your HND, lasting another 2 years.

You Will Spend Different Years for Different Courses At the Colleges of Health Technology

Colleges of health technology or schools of hygiene run different programs which demand different years as well.

Hence, it's hard to state a particular number of years for a college of health program. The list below will give you the expected years of studies for each corresponding course.

  1. Community Health Extension Worker (C.H.E.W): 3 years (Six Semesters
  2. Junior Community Health Extension Worker (J.C.H.E.W): 2 years (Four Semesters)
  3. Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT): 3 years (Six Semesters)
  4. Dental Therapy: 4 years (Eight Semesters)
  5. Dental Surgery Technician: 3 years (Six Semesters)
  6. General Health Technician: 2 years (Four Semesters)
  7. Health Assistant: 2 years (Four Semesters)
  8. Pharmacy Technician: 3 years (Six Semesters)
  9. Professional Diploma (PD): 3 years (Straight Course) (Six Semesters)

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