Do Polytechnic Students/Graduates Go for NYSC? -


Do Polytechnic Students/Graduates Go for NYSC?

Most often, admission seekers will ask if polytechnic students usually go to NYSC.

I don't have a hard time understanding why modern-day admission seekers will ask such a question.

All students want to go for NYSC after their graduation as a mark of their educational success. But many had thought it's only the university graduates that are making it to the national service.

Even our aged fathers and mothers prioritize universities over polytechnics. I remember the old song, "University ni mo fe, university ni o lo, ni ibi ti awon omowe wa"...

Gone are those days sha!

If you want a direct answer to the question, "do polytechnic students go to NYSC?, you, of course, may want clarification to understand:

  1. if polytechnics, like universities, will produce you to national service after your graduation
  2. if you'll go to NYSC after your OND or it must be after you finish HND
  3. or if there is any difference between the NYSC of the universities and that of the polytechnics.

In this post, I'll be sure to answer this question and related issues.

Polytechnic Graduates Do Go to NYSC

After finishing your polytechnic education, just like the university education, and you're within the service age, you will be produced to serve the nation under the national service called the NYSC.

In fact, NYSC is strictly meant for any Nigerian graduate, both at home and abroad, whether you're from a university or polytechnic.

As a result, be rest assured that if you ever go to a polytechnic, you'll be among the serving corpers of your graduation year, all things being equal.

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HND Holders are Meant to Serve at NYSC, Not OND Holders

There are two main qualifications at the end of any polytechnic's academic programmes. The national Diploma; usually shortened as "ND or OND", is the first qualification. While the second qualification is the Higher National Diploma shortened as "HND".

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Only the HND holders are the polytechnic graduates qualified for NYSC. The OND is the first phase of your studies as a polytechnic student. The programme usually lasts 2 years, on full-time or daily part-time (or 3 years, if the regular or weekend part-time).

After this, you can either cross to a university through direct entry admission and continue to possess BSC or related qualifications. And you can, in some cases, proceed to the HND level which is another two-year course - making it a four-year polytechnic education.

After finishing the HND, you should be ready for NYSC.

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Only HND Full-Time Holders Go to NYSC

Just as it's not yet allowed, to date, for university graduates with part-time, distance-learning, or sandwich courses, to go to NYSC after their graduation, it's still not allowed for polytechnic graduates to serve if they'd finished part-time courses.

In short, if you're a polytechnic graduate on a full-time course, you're certainly going to NYSC, ceteris paribus.

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Though Your ND Can Be Part-Time, HND Must Be Full-Time

Still on HND being full-time, running your OND on part-time doesn't have any effect on NYSC.

In order words, NYSC doesn't care whether you'd gained admission, into the polytechnic, part-time, in the first year. What matters to the corps is that you eventually do your HND on full-time.

Fortunately, it's possible to run your ND on part-time and cross to HND on full-time. On this term, you're qualified to serve at NYSC.

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