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Will It Affect NYSC? ND/NCE Course Different From HND/BSC

In most cases, when you're done with National Diploma (ND), you're usually going to do the same course if you proceed to HND. In fact, some polytechnics will force you to pick on the same course while going for HND.

Similarly, some will obtain DE forms, using the National Diploma or NCE, and you're more likely to continue in the university - studying the same course. And if you choose and where allowed, you can cross to another course entirely.

Apparently, with the change of course, while going for HND/BSC, you should be worried if this will affect your NYSC.

In this post, you'll have the answer to your question with related references.

You're Not Mobilized For NYSC With ND/NCE

The first point to be taken out of the way is the prerequisite for NYSC. The corps and your school are not mobilizing with ND, NCE, or lower qualifications.

You must be a graduate to serve with NYSC which means you're a holder of the Higher National Diploma (HND) or Bachelor's Degree (BSC, B. Tech, B. Agric, B.Ed., etc.)

On this platform, your national diploma (ND) or Nigerian Certificate of Education (NCE) certification is nearly not important for the clarion call. 

Even though the corps may require your ND/NCE result for the purpose of physical clearance, on the camp, it's not a determinant of your qualification to serve or otherwise.

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As a Result, Your HND/BSC Course Doesn't Have to Be the Same as ND/NCE

When filling out the online mobilization form, there will be a section, where you're expected to fill out your foundation programme, if any.

Here, graduates with ND, NCE, RN, RM, IJMB, JUPEB, etc. will have to fill in the s of schools where they got foundational qualifications that lead to their HND or BSC admission.

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That's why the corps, on camp, will want to see your ND, NCE, IJMB, JUPEB, RN, etc. results/certificate/license. However, the board is only interested in the credibility of your HND or BSC admission, not in the foundational course.

In other words, it won't matter to NYSC, if your ND, NCE, or any other foundational course is different from that of your HND/BSC course or certification. The corps only want to be sure that you're a qualified graduate before you can serve.

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If you're worried that your ND/NCE course is different from that of your HND/BSC, which you think may affect, when being accepted or cleared for NYSC, you don't have to beat yourself up for this. The corps only want to see your ND/NCE result/certificate for the clearance rather than for the matching of courses.

The corps cares mainly to see your HND/BSC course, which of course, is what the producing polytechnics and universities will send along with other information about their graduates. Meanwhile, it won't matter if the course sent by your school is the same as the one you had in ND/NCE days.

And in fact, to reassure you that, it's only the HND/BSC course sent by the school that NYSC cares for, the corps has provision for the correction of prospective corpers' courses if there is any mix-up from the schools. 

If the corps cares about the ND/NCE or any foundational course too, it could have made equal provisions for its correction as well.

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