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JAMB: Can I Change My State/Local Govt? New Update!

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Starting from the 2023 admission year, JAMB has ceased allowing changes to state or local government of origin, despite previous flexibility in altering details such as names, dates of birth, institutions, courses, and gender, due to detected fraud attempts and the need to maintain integrity in admissions processes, disappointing many applicants seeking to modify these particulars for legitimate reasons.

I'm sure you must have read that you could change anything on your JAMB portal. Yes, you've read that during the change of data exercise, candidates are allowed to change:

  1. names
  2. dates of birth
  3. state/local government of origin
  4. institutions and courses
  5. gender i.e. Male/Female

Good, that's true!

But lately, things are changing. That's why students are asking if they can still change their states of origin or local government of origin.

You will want to know especially if you're aware how much JAMB has let down applicants who wish to change their names and dates of birth for reasons not even known to these candidates.

In this post, I will be sharing the latest position or situation of things regarding the change of state of origin and local government.

JAMB Is No Longer Accepting Change of State/LGA

Yes, you read that right. Starting from the 2023 admission year, the board has clearly made it clear that the state of origin will no longer be changeable.

With this, the local government will suffer the same fate.

In fact, this current position nullifies any other related posts you've read on my blog or elsewhere that you could change or edit your state/local government on the JAMB portal.

So, take this as a matter of seriousness. While I'll be updating any past posts on this matter. This latest announcement remains superior.

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JAMB Must Have Detected Frauds in Changing Candidates' Data

One of the reasons candidates will likely change their state/local government of origin used in JAMB.

Yes, some students will want to change their institutions to certain schools that take catchment areas and ELDS seriously in admitting students and setting their tuition.

As a result, those that don't belong to the states will be changing to that state for that purpose.

This could be the reason JAMB will no longer allow correction of state and local government of origin in its change of data exercises.

JAMB's Official Confirmation About the Change State/Local Government

A frustrated student, after applying for a change of LGA without response, contacted JAMB for clarification.

I did change of origin but it isn't reflecting the change made to it. 


In what appeared to be a bomb, the board replied as below

Please note that the state of origin is not changeable.


Sorry, this is actually disappointing. I hope this can be reversed because I'm aware hundreds of students will want to change their states and local governments for genuine reasons and for good.

In the meantime, this is the latest about the correction of state/LGA on the JAMB portal. If this changes any time, I'll be sure to update it.

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