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I've Corrected NIN Errors, What Next for JAMB?

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Some students have got errors in their NIN data and are preparing to register for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination. While some are aware that corrections must be made on their NIN before proceeding, they are uncertain about the next steps to let the corrections reflect in their upcoming JAMB registrations.

One such student followed the procedure of correcting their NIN information, yet upon sending their NIN to 55019/66019, he received the old, unchanged data. 
This situation is also applicable if corrections were made to state/local government of origin, date of birth, or gender.

To address this issue correctly, you need to understand the correct procedure to update the NIN data for JAMB registration.

Sending NIN to 55019/66019 To Get the Profile Code SMS Won't Update Correction

When sending the NIN to 55019/66019, the primary purpose is to obtain the profile code necessary for JAMB registration. However, even after correcting any errors in names, date of birth, or state/local government of origin, the profile code SMS will still display old data you've corrected.

The sending of NIN followed by a space and the actual NIN is primarily intended to generate the profile code. Therefore, regardless of whether corrections were made before or after obtaining the profile code, the SMS response will still display old, incorrect data. This indicates that sending the NIN alone is insufficient to effectuate changes.

To update the corrections effectively, it is necessary to send a REQUERY SMS. This action prompts the JAMB database to synchronize with the updated information from the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) database.

Sending REQUERY SMS Is the Next Thing

Addressing the student in the relation above, JAMB gave her the next steps to follow in just a statement.

To send the REQUERY SMS, follow these steps:

  1. Use the same SIM card that was used for the previous JAMB registration, if you've once got it or used it in the last JAMB.
  2. If no profile code has been obtained previously or if it is a first-time registration, any SIM card can be used.
  3. Text REQUERY followed by a space and your NIN to 55019/66019 e.g. REQUERY 45617829110
  4. Candidates who have obtained profile codes before should use the shortcode previously used, i.e., send to 55019 if that was the initial shortcode used, or 66019 if that was the case.
  5. Upon sending the REQUERY SMS, you will receive a confirmation SMS indicating that the changes have been successfully pulled from the NIMC database. If any errors persist or if the changes have not been reflected, an error message will be received.

What Next After That?

After successfully updating your data through the REQUERY process, there is no need to send the NIN to 55019/66019 again to obtain a code or verify if the corrections have been effected. Simply proceed to a Computer-Based Test (CBT) center or a JAMB office for the registration.

Inform the registration attendant that you have corrected your data at the NIMC and that the REQUERY process has been completed successfully. The attendant will verify this information at the beginning of your registration. 

Any spaces you corrected should have been marked by the JAMB system, enabling them to rectify the same data during the registration process. This correction is not possible if the NIN corrections and REQUERY were not completed beforehand.

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