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Will Wrong Result Grades on JAMB Portal Affect Admission?

After uploading your results on the JAMB portal, you might find out that there was a mistake or two. A common mistake is where subjects are correctly entered but with wrong grades.

And if you return to the CBT centre, they might tell you you couldn't change it. And if they tried to change things, there might not be any difference after checking again.

Wouldn't it appear as if you've uploaded a fake result with the wrong grades? Won't the school and JAMB deprive you of admission if they find out that your true results' grades are different from the ones filled to the JAMB portal?

In this post, I will be answering your questions and shedding more light on related concerns.

Editing Of Results on the JAMB Portal Is Becoming Difficult or Impossible Lately

In recent years, it's very easy to change your results on the JAMB portal. Candidates could edit the filled subjects and grades. They could rescan and upload the results. They were able to change entirely the results if they wanted new results.

However, starting from the 2021 admission year, editing, changing and replacing the results on the JAMB portal has been reported to be too difficult or impossible.

So, if you feel like going back to the CBT centre to correct the errors, you may be out of luck. And if you want to consider using the service of another CBT centre, you're likely to meet the same fate.

So, what's your hope now? Are you going to process the admission with these errors? Won't that affect your admission or course proposed during the screening?

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JAMB Is Not Verifying the Result, Only Wants to Know If You Have Results

As you might be thinking, JAMB should check the result you filled into the JAMB portal before they can offer you admission or allow any school to offer you. That's not true.

JAMB only cares to know if a student can supply his or her results before they will offer him or her admission. This is just a measure to ensure that someone who does have (and can supply) his or her result is not deprived, in favour of someone who doesn't supply it.

Hence, the only way to know that is by asking candidates to fill in their subjects and grades on the JAMB portal and upload a scanned copy of these results.

Having known that CBT centers will see the results before uploading them, the board trusts them and believe in anything they upload. Hence, there is no official further verification.

In this case, if an error should crop in, you don't need to panic. JAMB is aware that even if they offer you admission, with these errors, your proposed school will also check your result before offering you admission. There is no way you can escape the two checking if you're trying to game the system.

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Where There Is an Error in The Grades, JAMB Will Still See the Correct Grades in the Scanned and Uploaded Copy

Don't forget that the CBT center didn't only fill the results and grades to the JAMB portal, they also scanned the paper and upload it with it.

This means, even if there are any mistakes in the subjects or grades filled, the scanned and uploaded copy will be there to clarify things and save you from any suspicion.

The very reason JAMB demands the two, i.e. filling and scanning/uploading is to have a physical backing in case of any discrepancies.

Hence, let's assume there will be further verification, the scanned copy is the right place to get which is correct by the board. With that available, you don't have to panic. 

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The Error in the Grades Won't Affect Your Admission

As you can see, so far, in this post, a few errors in the grades of the subjects filled for you won't have any impression on JAMB that ask you to fill and upload the result. Therefore, there is no way such errors will affect your admission.

Especially if the mistake is in subjects that are not relevant to your course, you don't have to see it as anything serious. Even though, if it occurs in relevant subjects the scanned and uploaded copy gets you covered.

In brief, what I meant by relevant subjects are the five required subjects for your proposed course. For example, if you propose Nursing, the relevant subjects are English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

With the course above, it won't matter if the errors come from Civic, Geography, Agric Science, Hausa etc. The same is applicable to any other course.

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Avoid Mistakes in The Subjects and Grades During the Post-UTME Registration Though

Unlike the JAMB, where it may not be important, just because the scanned and uploaded result gets you covered for the errors in the filling, the post UTME/screening portal of your school may not include the scanning and uploading of the results. Hence, you should be very careful in filling in results (and anything else) to avoid errors.

While it's important to use the service of a competent café, you can consciously follow up, while the registration is ongoing, to be sure the attendant doesn't make a mistake in your subject and grades (be it a relevant subject or not). However, this is more important for the relevant subjects.

Luckily if errors should crop in the post UTME, in subjects and grades, a few schools design their portals to allow continually editing, changing and replacement of results until their application forms finally close.

FUOYE, UNIOSUN, UNILORIN, FUNAAB etc. are a few of the schools that will allow such continual editing. Hence, you can always go back and do some changes if necessary.

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Don't be disturbed about errors in results' subjects and grades filled on the JAMB portal, the scanned and uploaded copy will cover up for you, showing clearly that it's just an error rather than an attempt to game the board's system.

However, you should be mindful of the fact that the post-UTME portal may give you the chance to amend errors if the form is still on sale.

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