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Will I Go for NYSC After School of Nursing?

Possible Reasons Why Registered Nurses Are Not Allowed to Serve at NYSC
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I remember answering this question in my post “School of Nursing, Health Tech and Hygiene: Answers to Students’ Questions on Admissions”. But the same question keeps cropping up among my readers. People want me to talk further about it. Will it be possible to go for NYSC or service after completing Nursing? Do the school of nursing graduates go for NYSC?

Another lady visited me at the office. With her presentation, she would like to go for the College of Health Technology if after finishing Nursing she would not be allowed to serve.

Well, this issue needs to be taken a bit further indeed.

First, let see the two types of Nursing programmes we have.
  1. University Nursing Programme: This is also a Degree in Nursing (BSN). You take this with a university of your choice. Therefore, before you are admitted for a Degree Nursing, you must have sat for JAMB UTME, chosen a university of your choice, written their post UTME and eventually been admitted into the university through JAMB.
  2. School or College of Nursing Programme: This is also called the Registered Nursing (RN). You’re admitted for this as a course under a university teaching hospital. To be admitted, you’re only required to have the right SSCE grades and without JAMB UTME.

I detailed the differences between the two in the post “Difference Between Registered Nursing (RN) and Registered Midwifery (RM)

And sometimes, you may want to know which one is better for you. If yes, I recommend you read “School of Nursing VS University of Nursing: Differences, Better One and List of Schools

Now, back to your question of whether you will be able to serve in NYSC after studying Nursing, here is the answer.
  • If you do Degree Nursing, YES
  • If you do Registered Nursing, NO.

That’s straight forward and should be clear.

Possible Reasons Why Registered Nurses Are Not Allowed to Serve at NYSC

And if you’re inquisitive to know why, below may be one of the reasons people who go for Nursing school programmes are not allowed to serve.
  1. School/College of nursing programme is a 3-year curse whereas the BSN or degree Nursing last 5 years
  2. Schools/Colleges of Nursing are not under the control of JAMB. A school being under JAMB is one of the prerequisites to serve because the JAMB registration Number is required to mobilize students for NYSC.
  3. Schools/Colleges of Nursing graduates are only awarded the Registered Nursing (RN) certificate. Graduates of Nursing at universities are awarded RN, Registered Midwifery (RM) and BSN.

How Can You Still Serve With Registered Nursing?

If NYSC is at the top of your mind after your School or College of Nursing programme, here is what it takes:
  1. Obtain the JAMB Direct Entry (DE) form. This is not a JAMB UTME form. DE doesn’t involve writing exams like the UTME.
  2. There, you will choose the University of your Interest where to further your studies.
  3. If offered the admission, you’ll be admitted into 200 level (as a direct entry applicant) instead of the 100 level for the UTME candidates
  4. You will then spend four years at university instead of 5 years for UTME candidates
  5. After your graduation, you can then be mobilized for NYSC if you’re not more than 30 years at the year of mobilization or graduation.


Sometimes it can be a long journey going to the school of nursing before proceeding to universities for a degree in Nursing. However, if you can take the route, this is what to expect.

Do you think you will like to go to the school of nursing first before university? Do you think you’d better waited till you’re able to gain admission through JAMB? Drop a comment below.

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  1. Pm sir pls sir what route do i have to follow before proceeding to university for a degree in nursing

    1. You will obtain JAMB UTME form, passed that and write post UTME of the school you choose.

      See more guides through links below:
      1. https://www.schoolcontents.info/2018/08/universities-offering-nursing-utme.html
      2. https://www.schoolcontents.info/2018/08/school-of-nursing-vs-bsc-nursing-which.html
      3. https://www.schoolcontents.info/2019/04/how-many-years-does-it-take-to-study.html
      4. https://www.schoolcontents.info/2019/04/difference-between-registered-nursing.html

  2. Graduates from nursing school do serve (nysc) my anty just finished serving and she went to a nursing school

    1. Ok. Thanks for the update. You need to ask for more details from your aunt. There is something you're missing.

    2. School of nursing graduates don't do NYSC at least not they proceed to the uni and are done....

  3. Sir so we have to first go to university that offers nursing then serve after that u go for school of nursing for another 3years am i right?

    1. No. Once you go to a university that offers Nursing, you're more qualified than someone who goes to school of nursing. You don't need to go to school of nursing after BSC Nursing. But you can go for BSC Nursing after school of Nursing.

  4. Ok i understand now but when will school of nursing form be out?

    1. They're already out. Some are closed. Some are still on sales. Search this blog for any school of nursing you're interested in.

  5. Please Sir my question is can we work in any hospitals after attending school of nursing

    1. Yes. You can work with any hospital - be it at home or abroad. I detailed this a post you can read through the link below.

  6. If you meant, could you use awaiting results for nursing admission, YES. However, be sure to read the school's admission adverts to be sure they want that. Generally, awaiting results is acceptable for admissions.

  7. Sir,what of one studying nursing in a military nursing school and the duration is 5 years but he or she wants to get a degree in nursing, how many years will the person study it in the university

    1. More likely the same 4 years if the admission is through JAMB Direct entry. However, a few universities have internal arrangements that accept candidates into 300 level instead of the usual 200 level. I don't know of any universities accepting that for Nursing. However, if you can visit the admission office of your proposed universities, you will be informed if this will be possible.


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