After Studying Health Assistant, What Next? Career, Salary, etc. -

After Studying Health Assistant, What Next? Career, Salary, etc.

Very many students, when processing colleges of health admission, will love to go for Community Health Extension Workers (CHEW). However, if you know what I know, you'll be worried about being considered for this very competitive course in the colleges.

Among other courses, opened to you, is the Health Assistant, which other smart students will pick right from the beginning.

Even if some colleges take you in with CHEW, after the wedding exam, you may be dropped to a Health Assistant and similar to other less competitive courses e.g. Kwara State College of Health, Offa, Oyo State College of Health, Eleyele, Ibadan, etc.

If you must go for or give in to "Health Assistant", you should want to know your academic and career potential.

This post will give you insight into what to expect in your future if you study health assistant in college.

After Studying Health Assistant in Nigeria...

After studying health assistance in Nigeria, there are various options you can pursue next:

1. Obtain a License

To work as a certified health assistant in Nigeria, you need to obtain a license from the appropriate regulatory body. 

In Nigeria, the regulatory body responsible for issuing licenses to health assistants is the Health Records Officers Registration Board of Nigeria (HRORBN).

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2. Find a Job

After obtaining your license, you can look for a job in various healthcare settings such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and home healthcare agencies. 

The average salary for a health assistant in Nigeria is around ₦50,000 - ₦80,000 monthly.

As a health assistant, you can work in public or private hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. You can also work with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and government agencies involved in healthcare services. 

Some of the job roles you can pursue as a health assistant include medical assistant, nursing assistant, patient care assistant, and community health worker.

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3. Further Education

You can also decide to further your education by pursuing a degree in nursing or any other health-related field. This will open up more job opportunities and increase your earning potential.

Using direct entry, you can seek admission into university courses such as public health, health administration, or any other related field.

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4. Career Advancement

As a health assistant, you can also advance your career by specializing in a particular area of healthcare, such as pediatrics or geriatrics.

With time and experience, you can take up leadership roles in healthcare organizations and contribute to shaping healthcare policies in Nigeria.

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Studying health assistant in Nigeria offers a wide range of career opportunities and possibilities for career advancement. It is an essential field that provides critical support to healthcare professionals in delivering quality healthcare services to the population.

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