Are Polytechnics Offering Law, Medicine, Nursing, Microbiology, etc.? -

Are Polytechnics Offering Law, Medicine, Nursing, Microbiology, etc.?

Can You Study Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing etc in Polytechnics?
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This post is for you if you’re wondering if you can study your favorite course at a polytechnic. Admission seekers have been asking a series of questions:

  1. Which polytechnics run Medicine and Nursing?
  2. Where can I study Pharmacy or Microbiology at Nigerian Polytechnics?
  3. Is Law a course in polytechnics?
  4. And many more related questions.

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Those who know the answer to these questions may find them funny. I felt the same. But then, I realized you couldn’t beat what you didn’t know, of course.

If you find yourself in this situation, this post will clear the air for you.

Let’s go …

First the Art Courses in polytechnics.

Can You Study Law, Philosophy, Linguistics, English, etc in Polytechnics?

The answer is no.

Polytechnics don’t offer the art courses listed above and many others. They all belong to universities.

However, there are four well-known art courses you can, as well, find in the polytechnics. They are Mass Communication, Public Administration, Local Government Studies, and Library and Information Science/Management.

I detailed these courses, the polytechnics offering them, UTME, and SSCE subjects required to study them here. Take a quick look!

Now let’s see your fate as to Polytechnics offering medical courses.

Can You Study Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, etc in Polytechnics?

The answer is no.

Polytechnics are meant to train students for most engineering courses. That’s why Art students are lacking here. More so, if you must go for Medical related courses, you will have to look up to the universities.

However, a medical engineering/science course common at Polytechnics is called Science Laboratory Science (SLT). Literary all our poly-technics and mono-technics have that department. Another is Nutrition and Dietetics. A few polytechnics are offering that though.

  1. List of Polytechnics offering Nutrition and Dietetics
  2. List of Polytechnics offering Science Laboratory Technology
  3. List of Polytechnics Offering Pharmaceutical Technology/Engineering

Polytechnics Offer Microbiology, Biochemistry, and Medical Laboratory Science at the HND level Instead

Having said you wouldn’t have certain medical courses in polytechnics, you may want to ask; what of Microbiology, Biochemistry, Medical Laboratory Science, etc.?

The thing is that a majority of polytechnics offer HND in these courses but not at the ND level. In other words, you can’t study the likes of Microbiology, Biochemistry, MLS in a polytechnic gaining admission through UTME to ND1. You can go for SLT at ND level though. While proceeding to HND, your school might have Microbiology, Biochemistry, MLS which you will be asked to consider for HND instead of the SLT you did in OND.

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However, you can study Microbiology, Biochemistry, Medical Laboratory Science, Medical Rehabilitation, Anatomy, Physiology, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, etc from your 100 level in the universities.

More Alternatives Medical/Health-Related Courses in Polytechnics/Colleges

Don't be disappointed yet that polytechnics and colleges are not offering your favorite courses. I have a collection of other courses from the health and medical lines you can consider at various polytechnics and colleges of health in Nigeria.

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