How to Know If My Admission Is Not Fake/Scam -

How to Know If My Admission Is Not Fake/Scam

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Before now, it was usually the parents and guardians who really wanted to know if admissions given to their wards were not fake or if such a student was still in school.

Lately, candidates, themselves, want to be sure they're not doing things wrongly from the start. Hence, they want to know if their offers are not fake.

A series of fake admission reports are getting people worried and smarter. Some students ended up being rusticated from universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education after the schools had broken the bad news that the admissions got into the institutions were fake.

With this, you should want to know, before spending your money and wasting your time on campus, if the admission given to you was truly real and genuine.

The post below will walk you through methods of confirming if your admission was real and given truly by the JAMB and/or the school management.

Use JAMB Matriculation List To Check If Admission is Not Fake

If you've sought and gained admission through JAMB UTME or Direct Entry (DE), one of the means to confirm if your admission is real or otherwise is by using the JAMB matriculation list portal.

Checking JAMB admission status, through the JAMB CAPS is actually the same as this. However, after accepting your admission on the CAPS, it will rest your mind after seeing that your admission is fully on the matriculation list for the year.

This option is not relevant to admitted candidates for programs such as daily part-time, regular part-time, distance learning, and sandwich unless they register for the JAMB part-time, DLC, and sandwich or later go for the JAMB regularization.

To check the ingenuity of your admission through the JAMB matriculation list, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit
  2. There will be two boxes on the page with the first one a drop-down to select the year.
  3. Pick the year of admission. Avoid any mistakes there. Enter your JAMB/DE registration number into the box below.
  4. Click "Fetch My Details".
This admission is not fake as being by the JAMB

Above is a response from the JAMB matriculation list-checking portal for a student to confirm whether the admission whether fake or real.

However, if the portal states that your name is not on the list, such as below, it doesn't still mean that your admission is not genuine (at least not yet). It only means, there is an official step you must take to let your name be fully included in the official JAMB matriculation list. 

Not in the matriculation list but not fake

In the case above, the candidate will just pay for and print the JAMB original result and/or admission letter. After which, if rechecked, the update will change to the first one above.

Meanwhile, if after entering your JAMB registration with the correct year of admission chosen, you still see. "You Did not Register for this Examination...", there is every chance that the admission was fake.

Check the Admission Status on the School Portal Yourself

Whether your admission is on full-time, part-time, distance-learning, or sandwich, an individual student should be able to log in to his or her admission portal and check the status.

After being able to log in, you should also be able to check and see that the institution truly offered you admission.

You will be doing things wrong if you leave your admission follow-up and checking of the status to a friend, brother, sister, or someone who promises that he can help you gain admission.

You have to be sure that you have access directly, yourself, to the official school portal and you can always log in to see the progress of your admission and its final status if admitted eventually.

Most candidates seeking help will end up in the net of scammers who usually will be up and down for them so that they won't suspect that the admissions are fake.

Request that you need your login details and that you want to check things yourself. Once, offered, you'll see it on your portal.

Don't accept letters sent to you or printed for you by anybody. Make sure you log in to the school and JAMB portal to see the status and print the letters yourself.

Check the Official List Released by Your School on Its Portal

Some schools will not leave the admission status to JAMB alone or give candidates a link to check admission status but go a step further by releasing the full list of candidates admitted batch by batch.

For example, schools such as Federal Polytechnic Ilaro, Ladoke Akintola University, etc. will paste/pass the list on the official school's website and sometimes let it go viral on social media.

Check your name in such a list showing your name and the names of other admitted candidates to be sure that your admission is not fake.

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  1. If I can login my portal does it mean that my admission is not fake

    1. Follow the guide in the post be sure. Logging in doesn't mean anything


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