How Long It Takes "AIP" to Turn "Admitted" -

How Long It Takes "AIP" to Turn "Admitted"

When a student sees "admission in progress" on his or her JAMB CAPS, the next question is,  how long does it take for Admissions in progress to turn to Admitted?"

And if you're asking the same question, it's more likely you've read in my post, "Admission in Progress (AIP) on JAMB CAPS? Your Fate?" that it's good news to see AIP.

This is because hardly do we have "Admission in Progress" turned to "not admitted". 

So, you want to know how long you should wait for the final good news.

Let's look into this.

No Specific Waiting Time  for "Admission in Progress" to Change to "Admitted"

Typically, it takes two (2) to three (3) days for admission in progress to change to Admitted, it does take longer to change to not admitted, but sincerely, there is no fixed date for this change.

Does that sound familiar? 

Well, I've come across some verdicts like the above before. But it's not true to pick a particular time frame for the AIP to change to "Admitted"

As much as I wish to tell you that you should wait a few hours, days, or weeks, I'm aware that won't be true.

In short, let me save the head by answering as follows.

The good news is that once your CAPS status is in AIP, you're so close to being offered admission finally. So, get ready as soon as possible, your admission will be active to accept and print the admission letter. 

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JAMB Confirms No Specific Time To Wait For "AIP" to Change to "Admitted"

A concerned student, like you, equally has asked JAMB the same question.

Ifelola Anbali asked.

Pls, how long does it take for Admissions in Progress to turn to Admitted?

Below is the official response by JAMB.

Admission passes through different administrative procedures. As such, “admission in progress” is an indication that your offer of admission is tilting towards the final stage, so, be patient while the process passes through its usual procedure.

If you don't get the picture, let me interpret this one-paragraph reply for you.

  1. Your school admission committee is set to offer you admission and they're working on deciding your final status
  2. JAMB is waiting to receive final confirmation from your school so as to activate your accept or reject button and if accepted be able to print your JAMB admission letter
  3. JAMB is aware of these activities and knows, depending on the situation at your school, that can take a few days, weeks, or months.
  4. JAMB is just aware that sooner or later your admission status will be confirmed
  5. JAMB wants you to keep calm as this is a usual and normal thing


It's normal to feel anxious and expectant when you see AIP. Worrying about the time it will take to change to "admitted" is the problem. 

You're not the only one seeking admission to the university, polytechnic, or college of education. As you're waiting, others are. So, be happily waiting.

Sooner or later, you'll be congratulated!

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