Should I Pay for Admission? See Expert's Answers -

Should I Pay for Admission? See Expert's Answers

As an education consultant, I was passionate about helping students gain admission legitimately. While many earn admission on merit, some might need additional resources—often money or connections—to secure their spot.

I never endorse admission through connections alone. While connections can assist, not all connections are reliable. How can you discern between genuine help and a scam? How will you be sure the promised admission is not even on merit rather than someone taking money from you?

In this post, I'll address a question from a student seeking guidance. They encountered someone online promising admission assistance for a fee. Another student fell victim to someone offering to process his admission after paying a certain amount. This was coming from the same man (cafe man) that registered his post-UTME.

Let's delve into this.

You Might Have Merit the Admission

When parents display desperation for their child's admission, scammers can exploit this vulnerability. I always advise against panicking, as scammers prey on desperation.

Before seeking admission assistance, understand the school's admission process. Know how they calculate scores, if they transfer students to other courses, and the departmental cut-off marks. If you meet the criteria, you won't need external help.

Paying someone won't change your admission status if you already qualify. Similarly, if the school typically transfers students based on criteria, you might get transferred without paying someone for false promises.

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Genuine Admission Assistance Doesn't Demand Payment

In my two decades as an education consultant, I've found that around 80% of the time, those genuinely aiding with admission don't seek payment.

There might be exceptions, especially if it's a reputable lecturer whom you aren't closely associated with. However, if it's a friend or relative of your family, genuine help often comes without a price tag. Some lecturers even delay payment until after they secure your admission.

Be cautious. If someone initially claims they won't ask for money but demands payment once admission is secured on merit, it's likely a scam. In this case, such aa person might have known you'd be offered admission on merit but still want to claim he helped you.

If Any, the Assistance Should Be from a Known Lecturer

I trust admission assistance from well-known lecturers. Many parents and relatives have ties with lecturers on campuses. These connections, usually genuine, can be your best bet for admission help.

A lecturer truly associated or working with a university has their reputation to uphold while helping a family members or friends. But how do you identify these lecturers?

They should be people you or your family personally know, not someone claiming to be a lecturer from an online encounter, or a WhatsApp group related to the school. These individuals should be familiar faces within your community or vicinity. You should know them by names, address or you must be able to visit them at the school for one-on-one dealings.

Don't Trust Online or Social Media Contacts

The student who contacted me met a purported lecturer in a WhatsApp group supposedly affiliated with the school. This is likely a scam! Many online groups, whether on WhatsApp, Facebook, or Telegram, are created by ordinary individuals or scammers posing as guidance figures.

They might provide genuine information initially to gain your trust, only to trap you later. They may showcase testimonials or offer to connect you with other lecturers, all part of their deception.


Navigating the complex realm of college admissions requires vigilance and informed decision-making. While genuine assistance exists, especially from known figures like lecturers, online promises demand scrutiny. Understanding your school's admission process and criteria is paramount. Desperation can be exploited, making it crucial to remain composed. 

Most importantly, authentic help typically comes without a price tag, and paying for admission rarely alters outcomes when merit is the primary factor. Be discerning, rely on trusted connections, and remember that a well-informed approach is your best defense against potential scams in the pursuit of educational aspirations.

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